The Rabid Rainbow Ferrets, A Short (Short) Story

Once upon a time (one October), there were five writers.

These five writers decided to take a trip together.

This trip was to a writing conference. For three of them, it was their first writing conference.

They stayed in a cabin.

Five Writers & a Cabin

(For a while, they suspected they might be in a horror story.)

One night, they sat down to plot things, because NaNoWriMo would soon overtake them.


They shared a bottle of wine. And lots of story ideas.

Water is as good as vodka

And somehow, during the evening, there was a ferret.

Not a real ferret, but rather the idea of a ferret.

This ferret became rainbow-colored. And rabid. And it wore a fez.

When drawn, the ferret appeared to be wearing a potted plant, rather than a fez.

(This drawing has long been lost. It is a good thing.)

Then, these five writers realized that this Rabid, Rainbow Ferret was more than an idea.


It was them.

So an unbreakable sisterhood was born.

Unbreakable Sisterhood

Then, that NaNoWriMo, these five writers found a new sister.

They didn’t even realize they were missing a sister.

But when they found her, they couldn’t live without her.

All the Ferrets!

So they became six.

And then they went insane, and decided to share their insanity with the world.

Ferret Vacation

The Ferrets’ Favorite Vacation Spot


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