Enter Ferret Stage Left: Lissa

Lissa profileName: Lissa

Myers-Briggs: INFJ

Favorite Beverage: A really good milkshake. Banana. Or strawberry. Or…sometimes… strawberry banana!

Favorite Genres to Read: Historical fiction, fantasy, YA (various), and macabre picture books

Favorite Place to Read: Sitting in the bathtub or reclining in a hammock

Things you do when you’re not writing: Photography (nature and run-down buildings a favorite subject), watch Korean dramas, and study Japanese

Favorite Genres to Write: Fantasy and macabre children’s lit. In poetry I write on just about anything that grabs me in verse.

Writing tool you can’t live without: My spiral notebook. It must be college-ruled. And it’s better if it’s fallen in the bathtub a few times or gotten scruffed up. I don’t like writing on neat and clean paper unless it’s a final draft. I handwrite 99% of my work in poetry before I can ever transcribe any of it to a computer. If I lost this… well, you’d hear me wailing at least three states over.

Ferret Question from Michelle:

“Give 5 examples of songs that could be your theme song, and 1 you would never claim for yourself.”

(This is far from a comprehensive list, but Michelle is evil and said I could only have 5.)

1) “Walking on Air” by Kerli – Estonia

This song starts off with “There’s a little creepy house in a little creepy place,” so tell me this doesn’t fit. It’s actually kind of inspirational to me, encouraging me to chase all of my little creepy dreams.

2) “Letters Between a Little Boy and Himself as an Adult” by Abney Park – United States

This song breaks my heart every time even as it encourages me to chase after my passion harder and faster than ever before because time is short and we rarely allow ourselves to become what we wanted to be as a child.

3) “The Grasshopper Song” by SunnyHill – South Korea

A twist on the fable The Ant and the Grasshopper, only this time work is not the saving grace of the ants, but the downfall of the human spirit and the catalyst that crushes the soul. This time, the grasshopper proves it can follow the freedom its heart desires and still survive.

4) “Dears” by Gackt – Japan

This song always gives me so much peace. It is a combination of Gackt’s voice and the gorgeous lyrics. The chorus is a reminder in my life in many ways, and something I hold close: “And no matter how much I’ve been hurt, and what became the thing that hurts me, I can’t stop for anyone.”

5) “Caught in the Middle” by Nemesea – The Netherlands

Only some of these lyrics fit me personally, but this song always makes my blood race… I think it’s the part of me in tune with Rekani, one of my characters.

And now for something definitely NOT my theme song….

6) Tic Toc by Kesha – United States

Really just about everything in this song is the anti-me. Brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack? Yeah… NOTHING in this song is REMOTELY like me. And no, I’m not giving you a link this time… you can look this one up yourself if you want to listen!

Short Bio:

I am the anti-writer and rebel of the group…

First of all, I’m the poet and only occasionally will you find me writing anything else. Secondly, I don’t own a cat. (I’m actually allergic to them!) Thirdly, I can’t write in coffee shops… I people watch or daydream. And finally, I don’t drink coffee, I touch tea only a few times a year, and alcohol not much more than that. *looks around nervously* Are we sure I signed up for the right job?

You can find me at my blog A Quid for the Quill where I talk about writing, life, and Japanese & South Korean language, culture, and music! You can also find me on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Enter Ferret Stage Left: Lissa

  1. ha! i didn’t even realize there was a genre called macabre children’s lit! nice. i also totally agree with you about kesha. my daughter went through a (brief) phase of loving every kesha song on the radio. unfortunately for her, each came with a lecture from me on why kesha was the anti-christ.

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