Within the Wood, a Ferret: Jessica

Jessica Fontaine Jones - FerretsName: Jessica Fontaine Jones

ENFP (Champion-Idealist)
(Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perciever)

Favorite Beverage:
Tea! I have a goal to try 100 teas this year. Green with coconut and ginger is my current favorite.

I also enjoy snipping fresh fresh spearmint from my garden. Great for tea, and mint has long been a favorite flavor of mine. Also love clear, clean water (even without plants in it).

Favorite Genre(s) to Read:
Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Children’s, How-To, Humor.

Favorite Place to Read:
In a tree. Feeling the branches rocking in the wind is the best.
Second favorite: Anywhere. 🙂

Things you do when you’re not writing:
Running a business with my hubby.
Escaping into the woods for rock climbing or yoga (also with hubby).
Cooking for friends and loved ones.
Talking to my herbs, trees, and flowers.
Playing Minecraft with my little niece.
Talking with my grandmother about herbs, trees, and flowers.
Volunteering with Rotary.
Pondering the meaning of life.

Favorite Genre(s) to Write:
Children’s, How-to, Interviews, Romance.

Writing Tool You Can’t Live Without:
Uniball signo micro 207 pen. It is my sonic screwdriver.
Used in conjunction with various notebooks, and an iPad with USB keyboard.

Question from Rebekah :: What are your 5 favorite trees?

Cottonwood:cottonwood tree
I cried a lot as a baby, (possibly from too much time spent indoors). My grandmother used to take me outside under a cottonwood tree.

Sitting under the tree, I’d go quiet almost immediately, watching the sunlight shimmer and shake through the leaves.

I imagine all that the green and gold sunlight soaked into my eyes till they turned hazel.

Aspen: aspen grove
When we were old enough, my grandparents started taking us camping in the Colorado Rockies. My brother and I would tromp through woods, pretending to be Robin Hood and Little John.

Since I had the bow, I was Robin Hood. My brother was little at the time, so he agreed.

Halls of white bark and a canopy of golden leaves spinning overhead, I could easily imagine I had entered Lothlorien.

Oak:aspen grove
From second grade to my senior year, a giant oak towered over our 2-story house in the backyard. I could climb high enough to feel the wind swaying the branches.

The city rolled out below like a sea of lights at dusk. I shared this realm with ants, cardinals, moths and mockingbirds.

When I went to college, I climbed a quite a few of these on the OU campus. You’d be surprised how few people look up.

aspen groveRedbud:
My heart truly belongs to the redbud who sprang up beside my bedroom. She filled my windows with purple blossoms in spring, and green leaves in summer.

We shared many secrets, tears and laughter. I read much of the Anne of Green Gables series in this tree.

aspen groveElm:
On a ridge overlooking dogwood valley, an ancient elm bears my initials. My grandfather taught me the names of trees, and he carved my name into that one. I still carry the pocketknife he gave me.

…and one tree I don’t like:
Conditionally, I dislike cedars. They’re an invasive species in Oklahoma. They guzzle far more water than their deciduous neighbors, and elbow out other species, creating an acidic soil environment with their discarded needles. Black pecans share a few of their anti-social tendencies, but they’re more polite about their drinking habits.

Short Bio:
Jess is learning to become a human. This is difficult. She prays for wisdom a lot. In the meantime, she writes about strange things like aliens, flying plants, dinosaurs, blindness, and amazing kids at kidssurvival.com. Want to chat? Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Cottonwood photo by Mike Pedroncelli
Aspen photo by Pat Gaines
Oak photo by Lana Dyck
Redbud photo by Julie Falk
Elm photo by flipsockgirl

4 thoughts on “Within the Wood, a Ferret: Jessica

  1. really enjoyed the love of trees reflected here. made me think back on some of my faves as well. i used to hide out under a giant willow tree in our neighborhood when i was a kid. the branches trailed the ground and you could believe you were inside a tree tent.

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