Final Ferret: Serena!

Perching Serena

I like to perch on anything climbable.

Name: Serena Saint-Marceaux

Meyers-Briggs: INTP

Favourite Beverage: Hot tea (. . .don’t make me pick one, please?)

Favourite Genres to Read: Fantasy, Paranormal, Serious/Dark Humour, Romance

Favourite Place to Read: . . .anywhere? In a tucked-away corner somewhere outside (at a height, if possible), or curled up warm on my couch.

Things to do when you’re not writing: I read a lot, unsurprisingly. I enjoy cooking, particularly baking, often experimenting/reworking recipes. I’m a musician as well as a dancer – mostly I play percussion. I knit (not as often as I’d like) and make bead-and-wire jewellery.

Favourite Genres to Write: Fantasy (in a number of forms), Supernatural, Science fiction, Steampunk, Romance. . . Honestly I jump genres a lot – and somehow an element of romance seems to find its way into (almost) everything eventually.

Writing Tool You Couldn’t Live Without: Honestly, I can’t imagine anything stopping me writing, but . . . er, my laptop? Carmellon is my darling, and I write much more easily typing on him. (Yes, he is named in Sindarin.)

Random Ferret Question:
Jess asked: If you were an assassin, what would be your five favourite methods to kill targets, and one method you would never utilise?



1: Evisceration and possible dismemberment with a spoon.
This one has become rather like my trademark, you could say, and there was no way that it could be left off this list. (Have I mentioned . . . I have never actually killed anyone, I promise!)

2: A single slice to the abdomen with a very sharp blade, and reaching in and up to remove the heart by hand while it is still beating.
Because this most popular – and well-known – of the Aztec methods for human sacrifice actually sounds quite fun and rather fascinating. Also: a challenge! (One I might have to repeat to get just right.)

Black Mamba - Photo by Bill Love, on Wikimedia Commons.

Dendroaspis Polylepis – Photo by Bill Love, on Wikimedia Commons

3: A bite from a well-trained Black Mamba (Dendroaspis Polylepis).
The Black Mamba is the fastest snake in the world, very aggressive, and possesses some of the most unique and deadly venom in the world, which usually takes between fifteen minutes and three hours to kill a fully-grown human. (I love snakes!)

Atropa Belladonna - Photo by Karel Jakubec, on Wikimedia Commons

Atropa Belladonna – Photo by Karel Jakubec, on Wikimedia Commons

4: Poisoning by way of Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna).

Most likely via the berries, which are sweet – the consumption of six or fewer would cause death in most adult humans. Poison is a fascinating subset of methods to kill, and one example had to make my top five. (Nightshade is also a very pretty plant.)

5: Electrocution via careful wiring of the pipes in the bathroom wall, provoking a shock when a connection is made through turning the water on.
As long as one could be sure that only one’s target would be using the shower or bath at the time in question, placing the wiring and removing it later would be relatively simple. (Occasionally it is good to be elsewhere for assassinations, I suppose.)


1: A precision sniper shot.
There are many methods I would be unlikely to use – this one, however. . . I much prefer bladed weapons, or even bows, to guns, and often the up close and personal methods in general, really. (I think a sniper shot would be rather unsatisfying for me.)

Hallo! I’m Serena, and I will try to impart a little of the spirit of having a conversation with me here. Hang on. Things may get crazy. (They usually do with me.)

Through mysterious circumstances in 2010, I was dubbed the Queen of Creative Deaths, a crown which I adore, delight in, and do my best to live up to – of course, I believe all of my bloodline comes through people who painted themselves and went screaming half-naked into battle, so perhaps that isn’t too odd.

I communicate with any animals in the vicinity – and sometimes people – by way of growls and other borrowed sounds as well as words, which I seem to be better at picking up and using as understandable communication than any of the languages I sometimes try to learn.

I love languages! Also etymology, even in English, where, let’s be honest, it often makes about as much sense as a cat playing a banjo while riding a sea turtle.

As may be obvious, I gleefully collect random information – and I love to share.

I can be found at my blog, The Font of Randomness, and on Twitter.


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