It’s NaNo, and Eris is Already Behind

It’s all Nanoey and Official-like!

It’s 11/11! Which was a way cooler back in 2011, but whatever. We all get our kicks when we can.

Anyway, it’s the second week of NaNo, and I’m sure most of you are writing furiously. I know I sure am. Sadly, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m more than 4000 words behind my goal. This doesn’t really bother me though. Pretty much every year I’m a good chunk of words behind until about the end of the third week, when (for whatever reason) I am able to pull about 3000 words a day until I am able to catch up. At least, that’s what I did last year. (And the year before that as well, but I was too far behind to catch up, even with the speed of sound writing I was doing.) Anyway, I’m not (yet) worried.

This year, I have interesting names for my characters. It’s all story and plot related, but still: my main characters’ names are Llwelyn and Finley. (Why yes, their parents were Irish hippies with terrible senses of humor.) Anyway, I’m already finding that I tend to misspell their names as… can you guess it?

Llywelfyn and Finely. Yeah. I’m not sure where the ‘f’ comes from in Lil’s name, but Finley (or should I say Finely?) is pretty obvious to me anyway. This should give my inner editor something to laugh at later when I finish this beast of a novel.

What about you? Any strange misspellings yet in your novels? Butcher anyone’s names yet? Or just plain butcher somebody? It’s NaNo! Anything is possible!



3 thoughts on “It’s NaNo, and Eris is Already Behind

    • Sadly, I don’t know if I’ll be killing anyone off this year. People died before the story started, but I’m not really going to write their deaths. At least, I don’t think I am. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up massacring (omg, is that even a word?) a whole town before November’s up.

      Us writers. Terrible, terrible people.

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