The End is Nigh! – On Finishing NaNoWriMo

progress bar by Sean MacEntee

We’re down to the final week of NaNoWriMo (and November, for that matter of fact).

None of the Ferrets are quite sure how this has happened. It seems that November just began, and suddenly it’s almost over.

So, how are we doing? It’s been a crazy month for most of us, but we’re surviving. Here’s a bit more to go on (at least, as of 9 pm our time on Sunday night):

Just FYI: To be on track for 50,000 words on November 30, an estimated goal for November 24 is 40,000 words.


Word count: 40,002

How it’s going: Gah, this month has been a little rough for me writing-wise. I haven’t worked with this world or these characters at all for nearly two years, and I’m only just now starting to find their voices again and be able to get into their heads. I’m also finally not running 1-2 days behind on my word count for the first time the entire month. Now I just need to keep writing everyday until I hit that magic number!


Word count: 51,307

How it’s going: I just crossed the finish line yesterday! This month has actually gone fairly smoothly for me, which is shocking. Most of my stress has come from stuff like forgetting power strips or name tags or not getting confirmation on a write-in location until less than two weeks before the event, rather than from the story itself. Now my goal is to get as far through the rest of the story as I can before midnight on November 30!

Lissa – not doing NaNo

How it’s going: Lissa is taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 6 days. Her brain may not be NaNo-mush, but it’s anyone’s guess which language she’ll pull her grammar from next.


Word count: 34,219

How it’s going: 2,255 words per day to finish on time. It will be a miracle if I finish before December . But! I’ve got huge headway made on my story, and it’s very close to finishing. Very thankful for that.


Word count: 31,000

How it’s going: Okay. I am currently at 31,000 words, that means I’m more than 10k behind. I have 5 days to catch up and I am never going to make it. *random screaming*


Word count: 74,750

How it’s going: My goal is 100,000, not the standard 50,000, so I am actually behind. *wails despondently* Really, I have been for most of the month, though, in sadly honest fact, through craziness above and beyond the usual NaNoWriMo breed. I am determined, though! Both to make up the difference – I only need to get an 8k day down, and then keep to my 3.5k per day – and to make it to that 100k this week!

So how has your November gone? What all are you trying to accomplish this week?


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