Need a Critique Partner? Try #CPMatch!

Hey everyone!

The Ferrets are not dead, we promise. We’ve just been dealing with a lot of things post-NaNo. I ended up having to say goodbye to a childhood pet right before Christmas, and then there was Christmas, and Eris has been working – a LOT, and Michelle and Jess and Lissa have all dealt with some health challenges the past few weeks, and Serena’s been placating a crazy muse (go Serena for actually getting writing done!).

We will hopefully get the blog up and running again on a regular schedule in the next few weeks (give or take a few more weeks).

In the meantime, for all you writers out there, I’ve come across an event you might want to take part in, particularly if you have a complete manuscript that you need feedback on.

The hitch: It’s tomorrow – January 20th, 2014. If I’d found out about it sooner, believe me I would have let you know sooner!

Just click on the picture below for all the details!



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