The Ferrets Do the Alphabet

Have we got a treat in store for all of you!

The A-Z Challenge starts tomorrow, and the theme the Ferrets have chosen for the month is “The World of Books”.

Books by shutterhacks

Books by shutterhacks

We’ve got an interesting selection of posts on this topic – everything from the writing of books to our favorite authors to quirky terms to poetry.

You’re really going to see what it’s like in the mind of the Ferrets – because we were able to think up all the posts for this theme in about an hour. Yes, we really are that diverse.

Or, rather, spin the wheel of ‘what the flapjack/fudge/fer-de-lance/fraggle-rock/monkey is coming up next?!’

So settle in, fetch some tea, and get ready to learn some interesting things!

Posts will be made Monday through Saturday, as Sunday is an ‘off’ day for the A-Z Challenge. Michelle will be kicking it off tomorrow with “A”, so be sure to check in!


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