Writers are Weird – A Look at Quirks


Q is for Quirks

Let’s face it. Writers are weird. Artists in general are usually weird. And most of us revel in our own brand of eccentricity… whatever that may be.

When I took this topic for A-Z I started thinking… what are my own quirks? Sadly I don’t have any too fantastic, but I do have two that stand out from ‘normal’ behavior.

1) I can’t listen to music when writing. I will sing. Or dance. Or lose myself in entirely unrelated daydreams. I can listen to music that INSPIRES stories prior to writing, or while taking a break from writing, but not while doing the deed. Even instrumentals. There have been maybe four or five instrumentals, ever, that I have listened to while actually writing. And those were set on repeat for hours while I lost myself in the sound.

What I DO write/think very, very well to is white noise. Almost every one I talk to can’t stand white noise. It drives them sideways up a wall. But the static fits well inside my brain. Like listening to waves on a foggy night at the beach. I can’t see anything. There’s no detail. But the constant calm of sound is there. That’s white noise for me. And it’s a beautiful thing.

2) When verse hits, Lissa checks out. When I’m working intently, I just look busy. When verse smacks me up the side of the head with words? Poof. No one appears to be home. Case and point below:

Lost in LaLa Land

Lost in LaLa Land

Rebekah took that picture on our last retreat. I had no idea she had a camera in her hands, let alone that she was watching me.

If this were a video? You’d see me ‘writing’ in the air and tapping at nothing. I tap at the air, windows, walls, etc. when writing something in my head and laying out verse. I once tapped at the car window for 20 minutes on the ride home, entirely spaced to anything and everything around me. Thankfully I have an awesome husband who knew I was ‘listening’ to words in my head and just let it go, keeping himself entertained with the radio on low instead.

Everyone has something they do when they create. Or something they don’t do. Some quirk that defines their process and their art.

What’s yours?


9 thoughts on “Writers are Weird – A Look at Quirks

  1. Oh, I will have to think for awhile on my quirks, or I could just ask my husband and get a long list! Actually, he has been making fun of me all month as I make funny faces as I am concentrating on what I am writing for my blog posts. He can tell when I am really getting into it, I bite my tongue and type furiously. My face gives it all away though. I don’t completely check out, but apparently will have a conversation with him that I don’t remember afterwards!

  2. Quirks – I surround myself with ideas and start writing knowing good and well that the real string of pearls is hidden. After much brain stretching, I get outside and either ride my bike or walk the roads and lo and behold – the real ideas come together – most of the time:)

    Great post!

  3. Quirks are great. They make us human and that is fun. That’s cool that you tap when you write. I find that I make the facial expressions of my characters as I’m writing. I’m sure that’s entertaining to watch.

  4. Great post, and a wonderful Q word for the challenge. When I studied drawing, I was always doing little air sketches. This probably looked pretty strange to anyone observing me as I made loops and slashes in the air. Now I just talk to myself. 🙂

  5. Sometimes I dance, especially if I’ve been writing for more than an hour or so, I’ll get up and bust a move to get the blood flowing. Mostly though, I pray. I can’t write well at all unless every once in a while I stop and say, “God, please help everyone out there who’s in distress or in need of healing, and by the way, please help me write this, too.” It literally works every time.

  6. dino0726 says:

    Hi – Loved that you’re willing to publicize your quirks and encourage us to do the same. I love to laugh and sometimes just laugh at my memories or thoughts. Yep, my husband thinks I’ve lost all my marbles, but it’s OK. 🙂

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