The Writing Process Blog Hop – Michelle Answers the Tough Questions

We were tagged in a blog hop by the lovely Michele Chiappetta with the Purple Ink Writers, wherein we discuss the particulars of our writing process! I’m up this week, and Rebekah will have her own writing process post up next Monday.

So, here are the questions!

What am I working on?

Primarily, I’m working on a new adult urban fantasy set in and around Norman and Oklahoma City, where werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural creatures are commonplace, and OU has a school of magic nestled somewhere on the South Oval.

Connor, my MC, is a wizard, a sophomore in college, and he’s just accidentally helped his girlfriend steal a very dangerous book from the wizard’s library on campus. (Oops?) So naturally, he’s got to stop her before she can use the spells, which have a very good chance of causing mass destruction as a side effect.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Well, most of the NA books I’ve seen have been contemporary romances, and I haven’t seen many urban fantasies set in Oklahoma (or many books set in Oklahoma in general). Also, Connor’s bisexual, so the main romance in the story (this is me; of COURSE there’s a romance) is a same-sex one.

Why do I write what I do?

I love fantasy, and pretty much anything I write ends up becoming fantasy or sci-fi at some point. And I love the escapism of it, the chance to get out of your head for a few hours and go on adventures with someone else. If I can give that to other people, I’ll count myself lucky.

How does your writing process work?

I’m much more of a plotter than a pantser, so I do a lot of outlining. This ranges from notecards (which I’ve done for two or three stories) to bullet lists in Microsoft Word (which is what I had for MGG). I scribble out character bios, world notes, potential plot points, everything, with the full knowledge that some of it may well change once I start writing and even more of it will never show up in the actual book.

Normally, I’m doing all this in September/October, with the idea of starting the first draft in November. However, MGG was an anomaly because it was the first novel I started outside of NaNo in seven years. It was my project during Camp NaNoWriMo that summer, but it wasn’t started or finished during those months.

I also usually make a playlist early on with songs that remind me of the characters or can keep me in the headspace for writing that genre. For example, MGG has a lot of hard rock interspersed with the occasional Hans Zimmer Batman score.

I don’t have to have music, but it helps keep me on task, especially when I’m writing at home with the roommates.

Sometimes I do research beforehand, other times I do it after I have a first draft and a better idea of what I need to research. And while I like first drafts, I much prefer revisions and editing. I like seeing the changes and how the story becomes better and stronger.

And that’s my process!

Want to get in on this blog hop action? Just let us know in the comments, answer the above four questions in a post on your own blog, and we’ll link back to you when your post is up!

And don’t forget to check back next week for Rebekah’s post!


9 thoughts on “The Writing Process Blog Hop – Michelle Answers the Tough Questions

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    Nice to see an urban LGBT fantasy in the works. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about it soon!

  2. That work in progress sounds wildly entertaining! I must read this when you have it done. Beta reader, perhaps? *begging*

    And thanks for calling me lovely too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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