Ferrets on the Road: Broken Bow, OK

We survived! And with surprisingly no terrible mishaps! (Unless you count the discovery that the A/C drain in my car is clogged and will therefore flood the driver’s side floorboard if left on… but that wasn’t the trip’s fault at least.)

This year’s retreat took us to a little cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Everything about it was gorgeous. The road trip was easy with very few directions to follow, the weather was brilliantly cool at night and warm but not sweltering in the afternoons, and as we mentioned in the guestbook… we met no one and it was lovely. 

Well, okay, we met a couple of people our first night when we ventured to a restaurant for dinner and the grocery store to fetch supplies, and Eris and Michelle surely met a few people at the winery they disappeared to one afternoon… but those people were more… functional, shall we say?

We discovered a little steakhouse with a BIG menu for our first dinner on retreat, and that food fed some of us for DAYS. We couldn’t believe the portions! Not to mention the meal was downright delicious.

After-dinner sunset

After-dinner sunset

We then headed to Wal-Mart for the fresh and frozen groceries we needed for the week… only to discover the town had one of the older Wal-Marts that didn’t carry those things! It did, however, provide a $3 rack of Halloween earrings and we may have made an array of gleefully loud sounds as we all added to our jewelry collection.

The actual grocery store in town served the purpose we needed, but not without a few bizarre faults. Such as not stocking fresh peaches. Nectarines, yes. Peaches, no. Or colby jack cheese.

The "Art Station"

The “Art Station”

Our first night settling in we also converted the dining room table into an art station, as I surprised the other girls with a stack of coloring books and new crayons and colored pencils. Unless we were sleeping or eating, at least one Ferret was busy coloring at almost all times!

Overall, it seems our retreat was a successful one. The Ferrets who most wanted to accomplish work seemed to accomplish a fair amount of it, and the Ferrets who most wanted to relax did a pretty good job of relaxing.

There was plenty of delicious food. Crazy squirrels that insisted on chucking hickory nuts at anything in sight. A hot tub and yes, we even brought our notebooks in the water with us. A swing set which was very important as it allowed for swinging and inspiration combined. Several friendly spiders which we thankfully only encountered OUTdoors. And plenty of fresh air.

On our last full day, Eris and Michelle went to visit ‘Girls Gone Wine’ while Serena, Rebekah, and I went to Broken Bow lake. We decided not to look up proper maps and as a result went hiking in two locations that were not the least bit populated by humans! (We did not have a problem with this.)

The weather was phenomenal and the clouds played in the sky very prettily as we took in the rocks and water. We “discovered” a spot out of sight from the road that we have dubbed Ferret Cove. Now if only we could figure out how to get that name official…

When all was said and done, we left our cabin as five very tired, very happy Ferrets, and trundled back to our homes and the Real World. Watch out, everyone! We’re back!

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