Ferret Favorites – Halloween Movies!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and not just because it coincides with the Eve of NaNoWriMo. For us it is a celebration of fun and spooky decor, fall colors, cool temperatures, and pumpkin-flavored delicacies (at least for some Ferrets).

Each of us has our own unique traditions for the holiday, but watching movies is something we all enjoy when getting in the Halloween mood.

Do you agree with our favorites below or have something new to add? Drop us a comment and let us know!

(And please make sure to have a fun and safe Halloween!)

Michelle – The Nightmare Before Christmas

nbcI came very late to the Nightmare Before Christmas train, but when I did, I fell in love. The animation, the story, and the music just blow me away. I love all the songs, how the story is told mostly through said songs, and how the movie manages to be as much about Halloween as it is about Christmas.

I love Jack’s glee as he discovers Christmas, struggles to understand why it fascinates him so, and then how that new love ultimately rekindles his excitement and joy for his own holiday. It’s a wonderful movie, and it’s become as much a tradition for me as NaNoWriMo has.

Rebekah – Labyrinth

Labyrinth_ver2It’s not strictly a Halloween movie, but it has become a movie I watch nearly every Halloween.

I’ve always been fascinated with Faerie mythos, and while the movie itself doesn’t say outright that it is a tale of the Fae, all the indicators are there – the nature of Jareth’s ‘deal’ with Sarah, Jareth’s appearance, and especially the appearance of his court in the ballroom scene.

Overall, I most love the sense of another world that becomes prevalent around Halloween, and Labyrinth just helps me become more aware of it.

Eris – Paranormal Activity

paranormal activityThere’s one movie in particular that I absolutely love, and that’s Paranormal Activity. (Actually all of them, but the first one in particular.) I really like how real the reactions are in the movie, and the whole premise of the video recorder and using it to uncover the haunting in their home. It doesn’t feel super gimmicky to me; in fact – the first one anyway – it feels almost believable. Like this was footage uncovered at a crime scene. If you can forget the fact it’s a movie, you can trick yourself into believing it’s real.

I will say, too, that I like the story of the Paranormal Activity series (even if the later movies get a little weird). For the horror genre, there’s some amazing worldbuilding they’ve put into these movies. And I’m invested in the characters much more than the usual horror movie. I suppose it appeals to the writer in me, and that’s why I like it so much.

Lissa – Hocus Pocus

hocus pocusHocus Pocus will, for me, probably always be the quintessential Halloween movie. I wasn’t much younger than the lead character Dani when the film came out, and it was easy for me to see things through her eyes. The Sanderson sisters had all the right mix of silly and scary, there were plenty of moments that made me hold my breath with suspense, and I completely adored Binx. (Max was cute too.)

The movie is everything I remember loving about live action Disney movies from the ’90s, and it just isn’t Halloween without it!

Serena – Corpse Bride

corpse brideHalloween is one of my favorite holidays, nestled during my favorite time of year, and Corpse Bride is a suitably spooky movie for it – one which I really love. It has an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic, especially when exploring the dichotomy between the world of the living (“Upstairs? I didn’t know we had an upstairs!”) and the world of the dead (“New arrival!”)

The story is not only one that I enjoyed the first time watching, but enjoy rewatching – though the songs definitely encourage me to do so. My favorite of the awesome tracklist is Tears to Shed, both for the music itself and the feeling behind the lyrics – and of course for Emily. (Although the cheerfully maternal black widow spiders are friggin’ fabulous.)

*(Movie posters belong to the respective studios, et al. who produced them.)


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