Ferret NaNoWriMo Update – Week 1 (sorta)

Okay, so it hasn’t been quite a week. But it’s been close enough.

A recap of the week, NaNo-event wise, was: the midnight kick-off for our region, a five-hour write-in on that same ‘day’ (after we’d all slept), and then utilizing the regional chatroom to get word wars in! And at least a third of the Ferrets are now going “We are too old to stay up this late anymore.” Ha!

Total Goal: 50,000 words each by the end of the month
Goal for end of Day 5: 8,333 words

Personal Updates:

Rebekah – 8,333 words

Day Five, holy cow, I don’t know how it’s that far into the week already! I’m exactly where I should be which means I’ve lost the padding I had at the end of Day One, but I was expecting that since I’ve not done nearly enough plotting. There’s a write-in this weekend, though, and hopefully I can add some extra words there. As long as I can keep fighting through the aches and fatigue the changing, seasonal weather is throwing at me this year, and have no more migraines, I should be fine. As long as I can figure out what on earth my darned antagonist WANTS.

Michelle – 7,867 words

I hit a snag only 150 words into NaNo: I hadn’t plotted my chosen story enough for me to be able to continue it. So I ended up switching to a DIFFERENT steampunk novel that I hadn’t finished, and things are going much more smoothly now! I’m slightly behind where I should be, but I hope I can catch up over the weekend.

Eris – 2,500 words (approximately, handwritten)

I’ve had a lot of upheaval in my personal life these last couple of days, so I haven’t that much time to write. Which stinks, because it’s the first week of Nano and that’s usually when I’m my most prolific. I’m already behind because I didn’t write at all on Monday or Tuesday, and really didn’t get as many words in on Sunday as I should have.

But I definitely have time to catch up, and I’m feeling pretty confident that I will. I just got passed that awkward “I’m dragging the story along” portion of the beginning and entering into “the story is dragging me,” where I get really into writing and can go for a stretch of a couple hours at a time. Yeah, catching up shouldn’t be a problem.

Serena – 14,165 words

It is the end of day five, and I am currently at 14,165 words! I’m happy with that, though it’s not quite on par for my 100k personal NaNo goal. I’ve been working on a lot of emotionally wrenching stuff (both writing and working out details for even more coming up) but I’m feeling pretty good about NaNoWriMo right now, personally.

If you’re doing NaNo, how’s your project coming along? If not, what are you working on right now?


4 thoughts on “Ferret NaNoWriMo Update – Week 1 (sorta)

  1. That’s so cool that you all are sharing your experiences together! I’m right on track with a little over 10k words so I’m pretty confident, but a bit nervous that if I don’t bulk up now then I’ll fall behind when all my exams and papers are due.

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