Ferret NaNoWriMo Update – Week 2

Wow, the month is flying by! NaNo is almost half over…

A recap of the week, NaNo-event wise, was: We had two write-ins in our local region, and Ferret attendance was good! We all wrote, despite some personal challenges we each faced this week.

Total Goal: 50,000 words each by the end of the month
Goal for end of Day 12: 20,000 words

Personal Updates:

Rebekah – 20,094 words

I just spent 6,000 words with my antagonist bargaining with a half-insane magical creature in the bottom of an oubliette.

Now I have to figure out what happens after that.

Michelle – 20,396 words

This week was a little rougher than last week. Although I managed to get a buffer over the weekend, I ended up not feeling well on Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning I barely eked out 200 words each day. However, my buffer kept me on track, and once I was feeling better, I was able to catch back up. I’m very glad I switched stories, because this has been going much smoother (even though I’m now at a point that I have no idea what happens next). Plus, we had our first two write-ins, one on Saturday and one on Monday, and both were surprisingly well-attended. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people have attended the write-ins so far, overall, and I hope that means everyone else is finding them as useful as I do. 🙂

Eris – 8,600 words (approximately, handwritten)

Well, I’m super behind. As it stands, I’m not sure I can catch up. By this Sunday we need to be at 25,000 to be on par, and I currently have… 8600. Which makes me a little over than 16,000 words behind. Ugh.

I even started a second project–you know, to make the first one jealous? Sometimes that works for me when I’m running behind. So far it’s… Well, as you can see, it’s not working.

At this point I think I’ll be lucky if I can reach 20,000 before the end of the month. :/

Serena – 31,795 words

Why did I choose to work within such a complex world during NaNo again? I am loving losing myself in it, though, seriously, and writing all the words the way NaNoWriMo pushes me to do, but on the other hand I’m also now even more behind for my personal goal than I was last week. That’s going the wrong direction! And I may have spent the entirety of my writing time Thursday alternately stuck, unfocused, or writing scenes in such a way that they don’t work and will need to be rewritten before I can even continue. (That’s more discouraging for me than the being behind – it doesn’t happen often, but I hate it when ‘this will have to be scrapped entirely’ comes up in my writing.) Tomorrow is a fresh start and all that, though, and once I shoo those terrible, terrible words away I can write something better – and hopefully start working towards getting caught up for my goal, instead of further behind.

Are you still holding strong? What’s something difficult you had to deal with that affected your writing this week, whether in real-life, or in your story? If you’re not doing NaNo, what are you working on right now, and is it still going smoothly?


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