Ferret NaNoWriMo Update – Week 3

Winning starts today! Only one of the Ferrets is eligible so far…

A recap of the week, NaNo-event wise, was: Once again, two regional write-ins, though the weather tried to drown us all for the second one, but words were still achieved!

Total Goal: 50,000 words each by the end of the month
Goal for end of Day 19: 31,667 words

Personal Updates:

Rebekah – 31,672 words

Why yes, I am exactly 4 words over goal. I will take whatever cushion I can at the moment, no matter how minor. My personal life decided to blow up in my face this week (Hubby was laid off, scrambling to fit in last-minute dr’s appts, etc, before we’re uninsured at the end of the year, and then chicken health issues to boot, all while trying to figure out the money-issue.) so it’s quite an accomplishment that I’m four words ahead, indeed.

Michelle – 31,701

What do you MEAN we only have one full week left in the month? On the one hand, I’m not surprised. On the other hand, yes, it definitely feels like week 3. XD I know I said last week was rough, but this week was harder, partly because of work and partly because I was struggling with my story. (This part was not outlined. I need an outline. This was a bad decision.) However, last night, I got back on track, and I’m ready to jump fully into week four!

Eris – 27,000 (approximately, handwritten)

This week has been strange. Good, but strange. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably have caught up. Unfortunately I don’t have the numbers yet for you–it’s the bad part about handwriting everything. Monday night I was at 17,000 and I’m fairly certain I’ve written at LEAST another 10,000 to add to that. Probably more.

Anyway, I’ll type it all up this weekend to get an accurate wordcount, but for now, I’m feeling rather hopeful. 🙂

Cheers! And good luck! We’ve got, what, 10 more days to finish? We got this.

Serena – 52,700

Yes, it’s the 19th and I made it to the 50k flag yesterday! (Which . . . actually still leaves me behind for my personal goal, of course. Although mostly no one else who is behind on their NaNo goals wants to hear me say so.)

I had definitely thought that by this point I’d have finished the wrap-up for the major plot arc I started the month working on and moved on to a different one (one in which a main character dies, and yet it is still the much happier of the two – at least in theory). Instead, I’m roughly 44k into the end slope of the arc and not finished yet. I’m hoping that when I wrap this up (hopefully soon) I’ll be able to work a little quicker and catch up to my goal, as this arc has been a very tricky. I feel good about what I’m writing again, however, after the brief scramble of losing it last week, and that’s more important to me!

We’re going into Week Four, and the end is almost in sight! How are you holding up for NaNo, or just for November, period?

US Followers: What are your Thanksgiving plans? Hope it’s a bountiful, happy one, no matter what!


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