2015 Ferret NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

Somehow, November is over. We are reeling, a bit, from things real-life threw at us, and just the speed at which November went by.

A recap of the week, NaNo-event wise, was: There were write-ins. There were sick Ferrets, sadly. There was an insane streak of bad luck/grief/just-plain-ol’-not-fun events. But we survived. 

Total Goal: 50,000 words

Personal Updates:

Rebekah – 50,134 words

Yes, I won! Do you want the run-down? Let’s see… on the 21st, I switched projects completely. I was dreading even starting up Word every day, and that was just not going well. Writing on that story was literally like pulling teeth, and with everything else going on, I just couldn’t. There were no more teeth to pull, basically. Switching projects was the best thing I could have done, though, because my muse came to life, and I’d forgotten what that felt like.

It was iffy for a bit at the end, though. We got to 4 days out from day 30, and I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to win. See, Thanksgiving weekend, this is what happened: our credit card number was stolen. Then we had a tire punctured late Thanksgiving night driving home from the mother-in-law’s, ended up with a bent rim, and THEN… the spare tire went flat. Fortunately AFTER we got home. It was a crazy week. Somehow, though, I kept writing anyway, and not only won, but ended up winning a day early. I haven’t finished ‘early’ since 2012. I still wrote every day, even if day 30 was only 95 words!

Next project: CHRISTMAS! *ahem* After recovering from the NaNo Hangover, that is.

Michelle – 52,046

I can’t believe another year of NaNo has come and gone. It feels like it takes forever to get here, and then the month itself is a fun, exhausting whirlwind of words and sprints and writer jokes, and then I’m left on December 1 staring vacantly at the wall going “What the hell just happened here?”

I validated my word count on Saturday, November 28, after having written 6200 words to put myself over 50k. I thought I would fall behind over Thanksgiving because I was visiting family (and I did, a little), but my family was all aware that it was NaNo and they were super supportive about me getting writing time in. Especially my brother, who asked me a few times each day how much I had written. The only days I didn’t get much done were the Tuesday before and the Friday after Thanksgiving, because those were my travel days.

Shockingly, I managed to write every single day in November, a feat I haven’t managed since 2012, I believe. Even if my total word count for the day was only 33, I wrote and I updated.  And, after two years of not adding anyone to the character graveyard, this year I got to add an entire town! (Actually not the first time I have killed off an entire town in my stories. The first time, I blew them up; this time, it was an attack of feral were-bears and other violent shifters. Apparently I like wiping out entire towns.)

The novel itself isn’t done–I didn’t think it would be–but I am much, much closer to the ending now, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it by January at the latest.

And now, I’m ready to sleep for a week and pretend I have more than 22 days to prepare for Christmas.

Eris – 42,000 (approximately, handwritten)

This month has been weird. I bounced around from project to project, adding bits of wordcount here and there, until i finally settled on a project I had started this summer. I was actually able to finish it, and added about 20,000 words to my score in one fell swoop. I was nearly caught up, and well on my way to winning on Saturday, with about 42,000 total. (8,000 words in two days I could totally do.)

Then, I got sick. Like, gut-wrenchingly awful sick. I slept most of Sunday and yesterday, and could barely think about sitting up, never mind writing.
So yeah, that’s where my wordcount still is: 42,000. And I’m still recovering while I’m writing this.
Weird month.

Serena – 81,450

I fell pretty far shy of my general goal of 100k this year, with the lowest wordcount I’ve made since my first NaNoWriMo. Granted, I’m still happy enough with where I am – between the trickiness of the project I chose to work on this year, and a pretty hard last week of November due to several non-writing-related issues, I had actually stopped seriously trying for 100k by the day before Thanksgiving.

I finished out NaNoWriMo this year with everything feeling a bit surreal – is it really over now? How did that happen? How is it that the holidays are coming up now? (This happens to some degree every year. NaNo makes the end of the year sneak up on me!) I also came out of NaNoWriMo ready, as always, to dive back into writing – widening my focus again after the extended period of limited-project headspace that NaNo requires – and allow more time to a few other projects that were pushed aside for a while. Back to the pen and keyboard for me!

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond… Oops. Wrong challenge. How did YOUR November go?


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