Coming Soon – The Evolution of a Writer: The Middle Years

Wow, 2015 has gone fast! It’s been a crazy year, and while we Ferrets are not too eager for it to be done already, we’re also very excited for 2016. We have some awesome stuff coming up!

Mainly, in January we are kicking off a 5-week series that we’re calling… 

The Evolution of Becoming a Writer

Becoming a writer means being in a constant state of flux and growth, but there are still definitive stages to the process. When you’re a beginning writer, it’s a constant learning curve. All of us Ferrets have pretty much passed that stage now. While we are still learning (you never stop learning, no matter what your profession), it’s no longer about struggling to figure out how a story works. We know how to plot (or not to plot), we have a basic grasp of story structure that has become innate, and our grammar isn’t hopeless. (Most of the time.)

We’re into what we’ve dubbed ‘The Middle Years’ now.

What are the Middle Years?

It’s that time where you’ve acquired a fairly good grasp on the craft of writing, but you’re not necessarily out in the world yet.

There’s a lot of information available for either the beginning stages of writing, or the publication phase. There’s not as much about what it’s like, or what you should focus your time on, when you’re between the two.

So that’s what we’ll be attempting to cover!

Come back on January 5th (which is, ironically, also my wedding anniversary) to read my post on writing voice and technical style.

P.S. We hope you all have (or had, in some cases) a wonderful holiday season! Do you have any goals for 2016?


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