Are You Going to Camp? (Camp NaNo, That Is!)

Have you wanted to try National Novel Writing Month, but honestly the idea of trying to write a novel in November just seems too overwhelming with all the holidays?

Or you’d like to try it, but the 50,000 word mark seems impossible to hit for someone who writes primarily short things?

Or do you just miss the word count goals, tracking, and overall productivity and encouragement from NaNo?

Then it might be time to give Camp NaNoWriMo a try.

We’ve talked about Camp NaNoWriMo (or Camp NaNo for short) on the blog before, but it seems to be an event that doesn’t get quite as much attention as NaNoWriMo.

Camp NaNo is a summer session of National Novel Writing Month that is much more flexible than the big NaNo itself. You can set your own word count goal when you initially set up your novel, and adjust it up or down as you need until winning starts (usually around the middle of the month). That way, if something happens and you need to drastically adjust your goals, you can do so without penalty. I know a lot of people feel anxious at the thought of “losing” NaNo, so this can help with that.

Instead of big regional forums and message boards, there are cabins with just a handful of other people, which makes for a much more laid-back and intimate experience. That is, if you even want to be in a cabin at all. (I’m doing it on my own for this session.)

The flexibility also makes it easier to use Camp NaNo for non-novel projects, like short stories, screenplays, or poems. I’ve even edited a novel for a Camp NaNo session before. Just knowing that I had someplace to keep myself accountable made it so much easier to keep focused and get through my edits.

This time, I’m doing short stories. It’s a nice change from doing the big novel in November, and it really feels like I’m accomplishing something when I knock out two or three stories in a week. 🙂

Even though it’s July 5, you can still sign up for this session of Camp NaNo.

Hope to see you there, and happy writing!


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