Welcome to NaNoWriMo!

It’s NaNoWriMo time again!

NaNoWriMo 2016 Participant Banner - space-themed

This wonderful event is what first brought the Ferrets together and we all have a fondness for the madness and magic of NaNoWriMo. (If you’ve never tried it before, but you’ve wondered about writing or felt you needed a kickstart at it, you might give it a try – could be just the thing to help you out! At least two of us signed up at the last minute our first year – Michelle and I, Serena – and still both enjoyed and won NaNoWriMo.)

We’ve talked about NaNo before, so I won’t cover old ground (too much) – besides, I have preparations for NaNo-ing with which I should be busying myself!

Among us we Ferrets have two MLs (Municipal Liaisons; they are magic and coordinate events – and everything – for our region), a handwriter, a dual-project/double-goal writer, and a rebel poet. We’ve quite a range, and we’ll be checking in weekly here with updates on each of our projects! You can also follow each of our progress, save that of our lone poet, at our profiles on the NaNoWriMo site itself.

Rebekah (Taethowen)

NaNo has kind of snuck up on me this year (you can read about my October Cat Drama here, if you’d like, for an idea). Not from the Municipal Liaison side (Michelle and I have been prepping for weeks in that regard), but on the story side… I am almost at the ‘pantsing’ level, and I learned my first NaNo win that pantsing is not a good idea for me. Not at all. I only have an outline (of the first five chapters) of my novel because inspiration struck this morning. (Yes, I’m writing this up with only 4 1/2 hours to go until NaNoWriMo actually starts.) At this point, my game plan is to outline scenes a chapter at a time, most likely right before I write them. As for what I’m writing this year? I thought it was going to be a Cinderella sequel. But no. It’s going to be a prequel/retelling/sequel all wrapped up in one. Title is “When the Clock Strikes Thirteen.” Possibly set in my Blood of Trees universe.

Michelle (TheBarenakedCritic)

I can’t believe November 1 marks my 9th year of doing NaNoWriMo. After two years of doing scattered short stories and novellas, I’m jumping back into traditional NaNo mode and doing a novel: a post-apocalyptic frontier story where a young man is kidnapped and his two closest friends hit the road to bring him back. As much as I loved the accomplishment that came from short stories (being able to knock out multiple stories in a month was great), I’m really excited to be able to dig into a novel and all the worldbuilding and development that entails. If I hold true to form, I won’t finish the novel this month, but I will get a good chunk of the draft knocked out, and that’s always a win in my book! Happy writing, everyone!

Eris (Eris O’Reilly)

This year I’m working on an original story tentatively titled The Seven Fundamentals of World Domination: A Supervillain Origin Story. A budding supervillain springs another, more seasoned supervillian out of imprisonment and together to go on a globe-trotting rampage of havoc and domination. You can read the full synopsis here. It should be pretty fun. 🙂

And, I’m going back to tried and true methods this year as well, and bringing an entire ream of yellow computer paper and handwriting the entire story. I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before, but for some reason using a laptop actually hinders my ability to write. I don’t know why; I just know that handwriting works for me, so I’m going to be going back to that.

For all of those doing Nano this year, good luck!

Serena (Kalira9)

I am pulling for a 100k goal again – although I’m splitting it between two projects, which I’ve only done a time or two before. (One I’ll be adding words to an existing ‘verse, the other will be a brand new novel draft in true traditionalist NaNo spirit.) True to habit, I did not do much plotting ahead or even, erm, decide for sure what the new novel would be about early. My rule is no more than three days, but I spent Halloween morning thinking up characters for my project and I’m still a little thin on plot (‘a little’) and as of sundown Halloween only have two of three main characters at the cusp of imaginings.

Still, I do love the fun and exhilaration of winging it as I go along for NaNo, even if that means I sit at my keyboard at midnight with barely an idea of what will be coming from beneath my fingers yet! When the time comes, I have faith that so will the words. I’m sure they will for you, too!


This is the first time I’m NaNo-ing since 2012, and this year I’m being a rebel. Though I have properly won NaNo at least once (my first year, 2010), noveling isn’t the goal this year. Instead I’m working on my first full length poetry collection, an endeavour I’m very excited for but exceptionally nervous about! In the spirit of NaNoWriMo I plan to commit at least 50 hours of work to the collection, as there’s no way I am going to write 50,000 words of poetry (even really, really bad poetry). I’m hoping that with 50 hours of time devoted, I’ll make some sort of worthwhile headway into the project.


Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? If so, are you novelling or editing, writing non-fiction, schoolwork, or poetry? Are you a traditionalist or rebel or some combination – what’s your flavour of madness?

Happy NaNo-ing from all the Ferrets!

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