NaNoWriMo Week One! – Ferret Updates

We’re a full week into NaNoWriMo now! I can hardly believe it. . .

So. Week one: we’re doing this NaNo thing! There are . . . words. All of the words! All of the words . . . are currently being used in our novels. We have rambled the leftovers here.

All of us have attended at least one local write-in, of which there have already been several. (In fact, Monday night as I type this up I am sitting in a line with Eris and Michelle, and Rebekah is busily at work behind me – we’re set up at a write-in right now!) There have been upheavals and upsets, busy days and borked outlines. . .

But we have all rallied and charged onwards, and week one is the time for the brightest optimism and freshest look at our stories! (Even if they aren’t entirely sure what they want to be yet.)

Total Goal: 50,000
Goal for End of Day Seven: 11,666

Rebekah – 11,712

This week has been alternating days of good and bad. I’m glad that I’ve been able to write, despite life’s curve balls, but I’m frustrated with my lack of planning for this story. I keep fumbling in the dark, and haven’t been able to find the time or focus to sit down and be able to outline a cohesive plot. I’m pretty much going a chapter at a time. But at least I know how the current scene ends!


Michelle – 14,821

The first week of NaNo has gone surprisingly well! I was a bit worried, because I haven’t done nearly as much planning for it as I would have liked, but so far it’s been going at a pretty good pace. I’m starting to get a bit concerned that I don’t have enough plot to get me entirely through the month–the story’s going a little faster than I thought–but hopefully I’ll be able to make it to 50k with it.

We’ve also had excellent attendance at the write-ins so far this year, which is always good to see. We have seen several old familiar faces, but also many more that are new! It always makes me smile to see more people getting into NaNo and getting excited about writing. It’s one of my favorite things about this event.


Eris – 11,000 (estimated; handwritten)

Well, this week has certainly been… different. This is my sixth year doing NaNo, and so far, I had thought I had figured out my pattern pretty well – slow start, catch up on weekends, then the inevitable panicked writing at the end of the month.

This time, however, I started off very strong. I was averaging about 2,000 words a day, putting me ahead of the curve. At least, until Sunday, when I wasn’t able to write at all. (And since it is still Monday as I write this, I’m not yet sure I will/have caught up, but I’m hopeful.)

Weirdest thing, though (as if that wasn’t strange enough) is that I feel like I’ve had to write each scene I have twice. The first time around wouldn’t feel right, so I’d end it, restart, and usually find my groove the second time around. It’s left me with some pretty messy writing but… I’m managing.

This NaNo is certainly keeping me on my toes this year.


Serena – 20,555

The first week of NaNo has been a bit of a mess for me, to be honest. I usually aim for a 5k first day (10k is nice but 5k is something I can usually pull off between starting at midnight, then picking up for a full ‘day’ of writing after sleep) and this year I missed it by a fairly wide margin. In large part because the plan I figured out (loose as it was) failed completely, three times over, and I scrapped that novel idea entirely. Then only managed to finally come up with one almost at the end of the day on the first. . .

Really, I’m not doing too badly now! . . .but I’m not on track for 100k yet either. I’m working towards it now, though – I’ve still no plot figured out, but the characters are talking, and that’s the most important part. The write-in Saturday (we take over a library conference room for that) saw me making a 5k day (yay!) and killing off my first character this month! (He may be the only. Not sure yet. Also he’ll be returning soon, he’s only dead for a day or so.)

My stride was thrown a little Wednesday night, when I had a . . . misadventure (someone else hit Bambi – and then left his five-point antlered self in the centre of a dark road, where I ‘found’ him with my car) that has left me in a carless limbo and unfortunately a little preoccupied with this world rather than the one of my NaNoNovel.


Lissa – 3 hours 41 minutes (End Goal: 50 hours)

I’ve had a slow start which, honestly, I anticipated. I’ve been excited about this project for months now, but once it was November 1st and I sat down to my shiny new project notebook… that blank page and I weren’t really on speaking terms. I expected this. The blank page is difficult enough even when you’re an experienced and dedicated writer. Take a long break? It’s even more unforgiving. A write-in on Saturday helped me get in the swing of things again. I’m doing better at sitting down and making something happen on the page. The words are coming just a tiny bit faster when I pick up the pen. The next couple of days won’t see me doing any writing, but I’m hoping to dedicate the rest of the week to it! I have some catching up to do if I don’t want to fall too far behind.


How has week one treated you? Did you launch into a gallop straight out of the gate or are you still finding your stride? Either way, there’s plenty of time to come out of this with flying colours and a winner’s banner!

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