NaNoWriMo Week Two! – Ferret Updates

Here we are again already? NaNo’s charging through quick!

This time I am not writing this at a write-in, around Box of Doom challenges, with most of the other Ferrets sitting around me typing furiously. (Instead, I’m curled sleepily in a pile of blankets trying to muster the awakeness to get some writing done before midnight, while most of the other Ferrets run a sprint – I’ll have to join in on the next one!)

Our next write-in is tomorrow (Tuesday), and while I can’t speak for everyone in the region, it seems like the Ferrets are all hoping it will let us catch up a little closer to where we should be wordcount-wise. It’s been a busy week since the last update, and several of us have had disruptive incidents – the universe always seems to forget to make allowances for the fact that NaNoWriMo happens in November.

Here’s to hopefully catching up, and hopefully a more even keel week three!

Total Goal: 50,000
Goal for End of Day Fourteen: 23,333

Rebekah – 20,388

Everything hates me, writing-wise. Really, that’s what it feels like. My inspiration well has gone bone dry this past week, and I am behind. Not irrevocably behind yet, but rapidly approaching it if this doesn’t improve.

I know what happens in the next 2-5 scenes of my story. I know the overall plot. But I don’t have inciting incidents, etc, nailed down and so I just keep wandering. I have plenty of material for 50k words, but not the mental stamina. It doesn’t help that the cat had to have a leg amputated this week, either. So. Such is NaNo life.

Here’s hoping I can catch up on Day 15.


Michelle – 21,533

To say this past week has been rough is a bit of an understatement. It feels like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster for the past seven days, and I’m just now reaching the part where the hills are starting to even out. And that’s really affected my writing. For three days last week, I had to force myself just to write a single sentence. As I’m writing this, I’m nearly two days behind, and I’ll need to write almost 4000 words to catch up to where I’m supposed to be. I had a 4k day on Saturday, but that’s not something I can do every day (on Sunday, I couldn’t even manage 1000 words). It feels like the lack of planning (among other things) is finally catching up with me. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track, but it’s going to require a lot of work.

Eris – 16,500 (estimated; handwritten)

Week two has hit me pretty hard. But that’s… well, it’s not exactly okay, but I seem to be in good company. I didn’t write anything at all on Tuesday, and Wednesday I think I maybe managed 30 words or so before becoming so frazzled that I had to do something else. I didn’t start writing earnestly again until Saturday, and even then, I didn’t manage to get much done.

So I’m not even really sure I can pull myself out of this slump, at least, not for the NaNoWriMo wordcount. (I’m still hopeful I can de-slumpify myself in the existential sense but… *shrugs*)

I’m at 16,500 words and managed to get to Chapter Five. So it’s not nothing.


Serena – 41,325

Week one’s stressful wallops continued into week two for me (including continued lack of car) making my wordcount a little sketchy on most days, unfortunately – and I’ve yet to hit another 5k day, unfortunately. I’m still labouring almost 9k behind, as of tonight, though I’ve been closing that gap . . . very slowly. (For my 100k goal. I am wondering at this point if I’ll make it this year – but I’m still trying!)

I’ve been juggling multiple projects for this NaNo, and at the moment they are all being rather tricksy – including one where I hope the main character knows the plot because I certainly don’t, and another where I am sort of yet to find the plot . . . er, oops? I’m throwing in a vampire attack next I think – which may make plot happen, will definitely make my main character (not a vampire, but a supernatural creature himself) angry, and should help introduce another of the major players. So maybe it’ll get me going a little faster on that novel!


Lissa – 10 hours 38 minutes (End Goal: 50 hours)

I am realizing that in practice 50 hours is quite a lot of time around a full time job, chores, and other assorted bits of life that keep cropping up. I am also realizing that my brain has not been creative this dedicatedly in quite some time because I’m experiencing frequent moments of wishing I didn’t have to think about anything at all. It’s not burnout, but it’s tired from a level of use I’m not used to anymore. Ah well, this is how I build up writing stamina again! I may still be running behind, but I am picking up speed and in this week I finished my first poem of this project. If nothing else, I’m counting this as a win! Still half the month to go and I’m not giving up.


Are you, like us, running a little behind on your NaNo goals, or have you already run on ahead of that little line on the graph? Either way, we’re only halfway through the month and there’s plenty of writing time – and twists and turns – yet to be tackled, discovered, conquered!

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