NaNoWriMo Week Three! – Ferret Updates

We’re three weeks in and the Ferrets are fighting to catch up and fighting through the universe’s distractions and to be honest with you while I’m not the only Ferret who is dead tired this (Monday) evening, I am definitely a little frazzled.

Week three is traditionally the doldrums, when momentum slows and things began to tangle even if you had an outline, when the excited launch of week one fades and the word-high of week two gives way to the realisation that NaNoWriMo can be kind of tough, you guys, wait I only have how much time left?

It’s hit all of us Ferrets in different ways, but I don’t think any of us were quite ready to realise we were three weeks into NaNo already, whatever the state of our projects!

Total Goal: 50,000
Goal for End of Day Twenty-One: 35,000

Rebekah – 31,861

For the first time in many years, I am not certain of my ability to win NaNo this year. Back in 2014, I got desperately behind because we were building a chicken coop at the same time as NaNo (we thought the coop would be done before NaNo started, but nope). I ended up doing 14,000 words on the last day of NaNo just to win. And as I nursed my sore, aching wrists for the next few days, I vowed never to fall that far behind again. And this year, I don’t think it would be worth the cost to my mental and physical health to even TRY and churn out that many words in a day.

And I haven’t fallen that far behind yet this year, but I’m lacking more mental focus than I have before. Between Winnie’s challenges (leg amputation last Monday), sheer mental exhaustion, socializing a feral kitten, and some physical challenges, I just keep gradually slipping behind in my word count. I even made a point of getting caught up this past Saturday – and wrote over 5,000 words that day to do so – only to be slammed with a migraine the very next day, resulting in losing my ‘lead’.

I have yet to write today (Monday – it’s nearly 10 pm now) because I’ve been dealing with the house things that had to get taken care of since I wasn’t able to do them on Sunday. While also being mindful of my limitations today, because it usually takes me a full day of recovery after a migraine to feel like myself again. So I’m back to being almost as far behind again as I was right before I caught up. And it’s so very frustrating – especially since this week is going to be busy. So, I don’t know. I don’t know if I will win NaNo this year – especially since I just failed my goal of writing every day (I’m not upset with myself about it, just disappointed that I couldn’t) this month. It’s all just frustrating.

Michelle – 35,189

After a rough week 2, I buckled down and hit my novel as hard as I could for week three, and as you can see, I finally caught back up! Thanks to the write-ins, I had a couple of 4k days that helped me get back on track, which means I’m finally back where I’m supposed to be. It’s been hard to keep from getting distracted, but at least the emotional roller coaster of week 2 has leveled out enough that I can focus on what I need to again. I’m hoping to have another 4k day at the last write-in before Thanksgiving, because I know that between travel and family, I won’t be able to hit the word count I need to in order to keep up. On the plus side, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is our 6-hour marathon write-in, which hopefully means I’ll be able to get ALL the words. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even be able to make it to 50k!

Eris – 27,163

I am the human equivalent of the D: emoji. By Sunday night I had only just gotten past the 24k mark. Today I was pretty productive, but still. I am 8k words behind now.

Still though, I feel like I do this every year. I have one or two days where I feel like I’m ahead, and then things slow almost to a halt as I pick my way through the build-up of the story. Then, at the very end, I’ll panic write my way to either a win or very near. (The times I have “lost” Nano have only been by a few thousand words or so, if that many. I think last year I was off by only 1300 words or something like that.) Also, I have noticed that I tend to write that way in the micro sense as well–as in, I do better during longer writing sessions (30 minutes or 45) rather than shorter ones, because it takes me awhile to get into the flow and rhythm of things.

But anyway. I’m right now at 27,163 words. I am so so so so so behind.


Serena – 64,300

Wait it’s week three? Holy sheesh. How does this time keep rolling onwards? . . .well, my car news is still . . . as bad as ever (car-less limbo, whee!) but otherwise this week had a bit of an upswing!

I did have a further distraction that caused me problems finding writing time, but it was a much more pleasant one. Tuesday afternoon one of the other Ferrets (Lissa) let me know of a freshly-orphaned, five week old kitten that a friend had found – one that desperately needed a good home, immediately. As it happens . . . I’ve been considering getting a kitten (though I knew my two older kitties would not be thrilled about a new baby sibling) for a couple of months, and already had everything almost prepared.

Needless to say, however, it highly disrupted my writing on Tuesday (I even skipped a write-in!) – and has been continuing to do so, as my new and very teeny mew (her name is Miku) requires lots of playtime and cooing over. Nevertheless, I have managed to lower the number of words I need to catch up, a little – Tuesday night I was over 12k behind, by Sunday night that was down to only less than 5k. Today was incredibly busy and it’s worsening a bit, but I’m still hopeful I can catch up this week!

Behind I may be for my own personal goal, but I validated and got my shiny purple winner’s bar a couple of days ago!

Lissa – 15 hours 13 minutes (End Goal: 50 hours)

The plan now is to finish out the month with 25 hours, or half my goal. It’s been a few years since I have participated in NaNo, and I’ve forgotten just how much of a commitment it really is. (And how much I need to be firm with both myself and others in saying ‘No’ to things that take away from writing.) But it’s also been a rough month for many reasons and there have been plenty of unusual things that very legitimately needed my attention. Sometimes life works that way. I have made progress I am proud of on my project and I still have some time yet to dedicate to it this month. Home stretch… here we go.


How’s week three treating you? There’s still time to catch up if you (like some of us) need it, even around Thanksgiving and other assorted business of the season – and validation’s already begun for official wins if you’re ahead!

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