Wrapping Up NaNoWriMo 2016 with the Ferrets!

It’s time for triumph! Right?

NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner's Banner - space-themed

Each of the Ferrets below launched herself into NaNo – with or without a plan, to be quite honest with you, and not all of those plans survived engagement with NaNoWriMo proper – and forged ahead, making progress on her chosen project (or projects).

We attended write-ins, we made ourselves laugh or cry – and that’s just at the process of writing, before we even get to the content – we developed some truly impressive NaNo-fingers and NaNo-brains leading to nifty new and creative typos. . .

Life forgot that there’s supposed to be an allowance for NaNo and threw obstacles in our paths, but we made it through anyway!

Let’s say goodbye to NaNoWriMo for this year with a last word from each of us about this year’s session and our works for it.

Total Goal: 50,000

Rebekah – 50,328

I did it. And with an hour to spare. I’m sitting here sipping my celebratory pumpkin cider (delicious stuff) just after having validated my word count on the NaNo site. It feels good. Despite the fact that my novel is a hot mess. It’s not as bad as my first novel win (2009 – I still haven’t re-read it, it scares me that badly to even think about it) but,,, it definitely lacks structure and focus. This is just another confirmation that I need to work from an outline. Preferably a detailed one.

This month has been hard on me physically. Our weather has only just decided that it wants to be normal for this time of year, and my sinuses have been paying for it otherwise. Combine that with sleep deprivation, and too many long nights spent staring at a computer screen, and it’s no wonder that I had one full-blown migraine last week, and several attempted migraines since then. I’m getting too old for late-night write-ins, lol.

I may have hit 50k, but I didn’t make my other goal – to have written every day this month. I missed three days completely, and while I don’t regret taking those days off (because I needed that for my physical and mental health), it is still disappointing. I’m pretty sure that I want to keep writing through December, with the effort of trying to do so every day, but not necessarily on this project. I’ll pick up some older things that I have a better idea of where I’m going with them. The Clock Strikes Thirteen needs some serious structural and plot help before I can make major headway on it.

Michelle – 52,110

WOO! I broke 50,000 words at our last in-person write-in of the year. Unfortunately, this was also the one night of November that the Internet wasn’t working at that location, so I had to wait until I got home to validate my word count (which I did, around 11:30 that night, and then promptly fell asleep). Surprisingly, the holidays did not set me as far behind as I feared; I managed to write enough each day to maintain par, even if I didn’t get much of a cushion. The marathon write-in we had the Saturday after Thanksgiving was extremely helpful; I wrote 5,585 total that day, which was my highest single-day count for the whole month. And, as always, I got to spend the final night of NaNo doing my favorite thing: cheering other people on as they hit their own goals. Although this year has been a rough one for a variety of reasons, it’s always bittersweet to see NaNo in the rearview mirror. It’ll be nice to have a break from the madness, but I’ll miss seeing everyone on a twice-weekly basis and watching us all scramble our way through our novels together. It’s been a blast.

Eris – 50,239


I crossed the finish line with 50,239–which actually, the Nano site gave me 50 extra words. Usually it takes away a hundred or so, which is why I try to go a bit over, just in case. But yay! Done! Validation!!!!

I ended up writing about 25k of the novel I set out to write, then another 25k of various short stories (some of which i actually finished! Yay!) and apparently the beginnings of a second novel. I thought it was going to be another short piece, but it’s growing on me, in more ways than one. 🙂

It’s Wednesday night as I write this, a bit before 11pm. So… I’m going to go crash now. Thanks for joining us this month, and good luck on all your projects! Happy NaNoWriMo!

Serena – 100,500

It’s eleven o’clock and I’m struggling towards my 100k goal! Although I actually think I may hit it, now – I wasn’t really sure even this morning. I have spent the last, oh, seven-ish hours of NaNoWriMo struggling to focus and get myself in gear . . . because I knew I had over 7k words to write today if I was going to reach that goal. I always write until the last minute or very close to it anyway, though.

Aaand now it’s midnight . . . my wordcount for today was 7,665 – my highest for any day this month!

It’s my usual, the double-NaNo goal, but due to . . . stresses and upsets outside my control or my ability to function past (at least not on high gear) last year I failed it. By a wider margin than I have since my very first NaNo (where I was only trying for 50k anyway). And it made me . . . nervous about this year’s. I wondered if I could manage 100k this year. Especially when November started off with a bang.

I did not manage to keep to the projects I meant, and I didn’t complete everything I wished I could during NaNo (I didn’t even manage to finish everything I wanted to have done before NaNo began; it’s natural) but I wrote many words – over 100k again! – and I kept going even through said bang(s). I even revisited some things I hadn’t done any writing with for years, so I’m pretty happy, really. (Even if I spent the last few days of NaNo in a bit of a daze almost constantly, very tired, and vaguely wondering why it felt like NaNo was already over several days early.)

Now to gear up for the next challenge – untangling the plot threads I have loose on one of my NaNo projects (I’ll be continuing work on it, as well as picking up some things put aside in favour of NaNoWriMo), editing the fanfiction I wrote this November (possibly for publication), and gearing up for the holiday season!

Lissa – 17 hours 1 minute (End Goal: 50 hours)

So. NaNo is over. Another year, come and gone. You can pop over to my personal blog in a day or two to read all of my thoughts on this past month, but the most important thought is this: I may not have hit goal, or even half goal, but I am proud of what I did. The project I am working on is one I particularly waited to begin in November. I was hoping the encouragement would help me build momentum to a point that I would not be so willing to simply let my writing fall by the wayside again come December. I feel like I have managed that. The hours may not have added up this month, but the motivation to write has, and that’s the most important thing in a long term project, right? We’ll see where I’m at when we begin this ride again in 11 months!


NaNoWriMo is over for another year (and it’s time to gear up for the holidays – wait when did that happen?) how did it go for those of you who joined us in the mad whirl?

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