A Peek at the Ferret Dictionary

We Ferrets have been recovering from NaNoWriMo – and preparing for/launching into the holiday season now upon us, as it is always a little bit of a surprise after the madness of NaNo fades back into the ‘real world’. . .

So have a bit of silliness from the Ferret Archivist. It’s been several years since I last shared anything from the Ferret Archives, and here are some more words spotlighted from the Ferret Dictionary.

15th century manuscript with original binding

Photo by Erwan Plougonven, used under CC BY-SA 4.0. (Resized. Otherwise unchanged.)

The Ferret Dictionary is a collection of words to refer to concepts or objects that simply don’t have a proper word – or did not before the Ferrets came along to fix things! Their most common source is typos (ones that are entertaining enough to make us think they need an explanation) and often more than one of us will come up with the same meaning for one as soon as we decide a particular word is deserving of it.

Similar to crump, but slightly more severe. Unidentified profanity. Coined by Eris.
Example: ‘Fexin’- What the fexin’ fex? Who the fex fexed this fexing. . . How did you two fexing fexes. . . Fex!’

A term used for the working title of any RRFS member’s writing project. (Said working titles can range anywhere from the serious – ‘Shadowed Moon Rising’ – that may be kept to the ‘I just needed something to call this – to ‘High Questing Fantasy (ex-NaNo 2010)’ or ‘Dead Princess’ – forthright or ridiculous labels.)
Example: ‘Well, I’m not completely happy with it . . . but it is only the titla.’

Any monologue that lasts longer as one watches/listens or reads than it takes for a cow to chew its cud.
Example: ‘The villain in this movie’s gone on another moologue – I’ll just edit this next chapter of my novel while he finishes up.’

Coined by Rebekah originally; when stacks of paper (e.g. those drifts of research that are so necessary in a writer’s workspace) begin reproducing and threaten an author.
Example: ‘Well, I was going to work on chapter edits today . . . and then I discovered that my workspace is in the process of englufing, and I just had to take it to the coffee shop instead. I’ll deal with the fexing mess tomorrow.’

When you make a fexing mess of things at Scrabble, you have bescrubbled your tiles.
Example: ‘I was on the verge of winning that game, and then a single bescrubble ruined everything.’
. . .and that’s all from the Ferret Archivist (the Officially Un-Official Keeper of Ferret Documents) for now. I hope you’ve been entertained by this glimpse into the silliness possible when you have six mad writers playing with words, real and imagined!


One thought on “A Peek at the Ferret Dictionary

  1. I’m starting to think our ‘lingo’ falls in the same boat as the awesome stuff in Firefly. Now we just need to have the same fan base… preferably without our work being ‘cancelled’. 😉

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