Welcome to the Ferret Libraries!

There’s not much we Ferrets love more than books!

In our last series, we talked about some classics – and I’m sure we’ve still more to say on that topic. . . – but while this next series is still all about books, it is in a very different way.

In the coming weeks, each Ferret will introduce you to her personal library via her own words and pictures.

Each of us may share what fascinating books make up our collections, how we organise them (or don’t), the way we’ve stored them, how we’ve acquired them, how many we may not quite have managed to read yet. . .

You may even see how much of our space has been simply blatantly taken over by our books. (Which leads us on the never-ending quest for More Book Space!)

“If you have enough book space, I don’t want to talk to you.”
~Terry Pratchett

I kid – we’re happy to talk to anyone about books! But I’m not sure any of the Ferrets have enough book space. . .

Really, what we have to say about our libraries is probably as varied as, well, the libraries themselves! Come back next week and Rebekah will start us off. We hope you enjoy!

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a half-read book over there just calling my name!

What about your own personal library? Is it big or small? Organised or simply . . . organised chaos? 😉 Have you read most (or even all!) of your collection, or do you have a ‘to be read’ stack tall enough to be a structural hazard? We’d love to hear about it!

And most importantly . . . do you have enough book space?


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Ferret Libraries!

  1. Not sure I’d trust anyone who says they’ve read *every* book in their library: either their library is too small or they’re lying 😛

    My primary to-read list has hundreds of books on it and is expanding … and of the twenty odd I’m reading at any one time, there’s always a couple that weren’t to-read but snuck up on me edgewise. No idea how that happens …

    • I’ve known a few people who have! . . .and yes, their libraries were terrifyingly small. O.O

      My to-read list is in a similar condition . . . and only about half of the books I am reading at any given time (usually ranges from being around four to over a dozen, depending) are actually from that list. Or fewer. >.> The others will be sudden new discoveries or rereads. 🙂

      • I know what you mean, I’m terrible like that, I really should be reading off the list if I ever want it to shrink … but wait, where’s the fun in boxing yourself in, right? (Also, who’s to say that a to-read list is ever complete. It’s never complete, and so, if I’m reading a book, I subtly add it on the to-read list … pretend it’s been there a while. Who’s to know.)

      • Well obviously if I start reading a book it automatically becomes part of my to-read list . . . right? >.> Oh, man, no, my to-read list will keep growing forever – on the one hand that makes me a tiny bit sad – all the books I may never get around to! – but on the other, woo books! BOOKS FOREVER. XD

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