The Ferret Libraries – Rebekah’s Collection

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I’ll be honest – I was tempted to do this as a video post. But then I realized I would have to clean way more than I was willing to. I think I swept up all the stray dust/fur bunnies, but if not, just ignore any you see in my photos. The bunnies are shy. 😉 

My library is… well, a lot of books (though not as many as Ferret Lissa, who might beat out all the rest of us combined), and an attempt at organization that usually… self-implodes somewhere along the way, due to lack of space and impatience with my own lackluster perfectionism. Or, in plain English: I get tired of organizing, and eventually just start throwing books on the shelves. I usually attempt to alphabetize by author (and then series) but it doesn’t always happen.

First stop… my TBR (to-be-read, for anyone unfamiliar with the acronym) pile that resides on my nightstand. It’s a substantial enough collection of books that it deserves to be included as a portion of my library.

Some of these are in-progress… some I’ve just been meaning to read for months/years.

Several of these are books from people I know – ranging from fellow bloggers, to people from my writing group. The stack on the right are my unofficial ‘priority’ TBR. The pile in the left is just books I want to read… soon-ish. Their classifications in my head range from “This is an ARC and I need to finish reading it and review it” to “I just really want to read this.”

Next up, the Parlor Bookshelf!

An eclectic collection of mostly non-fiction. And no, that’s not all the Bibles we own in this picture, but it is most of them.

Most of my non-fiction books reside on this bookshelf in the room I have fondly dubbed my parlor. These books range from Bible study and devotional books, to DIY (herbalism, soap making, etc.), homesteading and urban farming, sewing, crochet, and… Christmas crafts. Because I really like dreaming about Christmas crafts, but never actually accomplishing any.

And now, moving on to the main portion of the library…

These two bookcases mainly consist of my non-fantasy collections. There’s a quite a bit of Christian historical selections, plus a random smattering of other things, including thrillers. I really like reading thrillers as a writer, because I think they portray pacing very well.

Moving on to the other part of the living room…

And last but not least… the fantasy shelf. Plus a little sci-fi. And cookbooks.

I also have a few books lying around the office, but considering I can’t find them beyond the papers that need filing, I wasn’t going to mess with gathering them up and putting them in their proper library places.

Obviously, my philosophy is that if the book is on a shelf, my job is pretty much done. I’d love to have things better organized eventually, but it’s honestly pretty low on my priority list. I’m the avid reader out of me and my husband, so as long as I know where a book is at when I want it, all is well!

I estimate I’ve read probably only 60% of my collection. Some of this is because I don’t turn down free books if they look the least bit interesting, so I have several partial series that are missing the first book.

I will admit that I have a bit of library-envy for those people who organize their libraries by color. But I would never be able to handle that. What if authors/series were separated too much? I’d go bonkers trying to hunt down a sequel, or a specific book!

Who else organizes their library half-heartedly? It’s not about the location, it’s about the content, right? *wink*

2 thoughts on “The Ferret Libraries – Rebekah’s Collection

  1. At first I was reading and thinking ‘you have close to as many shelves as me, I don’t have that much more!’ But then I realized that my shelves, are, er, ‘stuffed’ a lot more. And I do have a little more shelf space. And then there’s the other…. ahhh this post will be fun to write.

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