The Ferret Libraries – Michelle’s Collection

This particular Ferret series came at a fairly opportune time for me. I live with two other avid readers, and to say that we like to collect books is like saying the ocean’s a little wet on a good day.

This is what they used to look like:

The first one is our shared bookshelf in the living room, which was packed full of…well, just about everything. Most of the shelves were two stacks deep of books or DVDs, and really, the two in my room weren’t much better, as you can see. I had a method to the madness at one point, but between my grandmother giving me 13 bags (!!) of books, a visit to RT in 2015, and numerous book gifts, this was what I ended up with.

However, you’ll notice I use a lot of past tense in that previous paragraph. We’re in the midst of getting ready to move, which means our bookshelves have gotten a major overhaul as we give away or pack away most of our collection. We’ve been pretty ruthless about paring down, and this is what remains:

Quite a difference, huh?

Gone are the double rows and the piles of books on the floor, and what remains is actually in some semblance of order. On my bookshelf, for example, all my writing books are on the top shelf, the second shelf is science fiction and fantasy, the third is mostly romance, and the bottom shelf has most of my hardbacks.

I’ve also packed away most of the books I’ve read that I probably won’t reread between now and moving time, so most of what remains are books I haven’t read yet that I would really like to.

And the books at the top of the little wire shelf? Well, those might be the ones I picked up at the used bookstore while I was dropping off 4 boxes of books to give away. >.>

Hey, at least I read them quickly? XD

Have you moved recently? What did you do, take all your books with your or give some away? How did you decide what to part with and what to keep?


2 thoughts on “The Ferret Libraries – Michelle’s Collection

  1. Oh man, I remember moving from the apartment to the house several years ago and just tossing all the books into boxes. Nope. Was so not about to go through those at the same time as moving! And yet when you’re moving is a smart time to go through things that you may not need anymore, so I commend you on being much smarter than me. :p You are very nicely organized and I particularly like your main bookshelf from your room. It’s very pretty!

  2. The last time we moved I was three years old and I’m pretty sure my books were still a pretty large section of our moving boxes! XD But I certainly didn’t do much sorting or giving up of books in that process.

    I keep meaning to go through my books and find some I can part with (especially since I actually know I’ve wound up with some I don’t need to keep and don’t have an attachment to) but. . . Ah. Someday? >.>

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