The Ferret Libraries – Lissa’s Collection

I’m not sure if I have more books or if Ferret Serena does, but our collections could comfortably be called dragon hoards at this point. (And I think we are both very okay with that.) I have zero issues when it comes to having an overabundance of books, and while I am slowly trying to cut back in other areas of my life when it comes to “stuff” laying around, books are not one of them. In fact, even though it is years away from being possible, I fully intend on constructing a library building on my property one day. The perks of having more than 2 acres on which to play!

The main portion of my library sits in the room we loosely use as our office. You will find on these shelves a large selection of fantasy, science fiction, nonfiction, writing reference, manga, classics (especially British), and a smattering of other autobiographies/biographies, YA, literary fiction, historical fiction, horror, mystery, and poetry. Most of the poetry I’ve been reading has come from the library lately due to being low on book-buying funds, but my personal collection is slowly growing.

This bookshelf is a bit more random, holding some of my husband’s books, the comic books that aren’t stored in longboxes already, a random selection of children’s books, and some of the books I’ve set aside to read (for the first time) sooner rather than later. It is also home to the digital photo books I have had printed and the couple of handmade scrapbooks I have completed. (There are about 10 more digital books and 1 more full-sized scrapbook in the works.)

And still in the office is this bookshelf too, hosting the majority of my husband’s books plus a hodgepodge of wonderful nerdy memorabilia. I still can’t get him to read the very final Wheel of Time book. He isn’t ready for the series to end. (And I don’t blame him.)

In my bedroom there is this little shelf, hosting a couple of Japanese <–> English dictionaries and a happy little collection of children’s books printed in Japanese. No, I have not read them all, but I am slowly working my way through them. They are great practice and so much fun to read!

In our main room I have an enclosed bookcase full of antique books. These range anywhere from the early 1800s to about 1940. There are classic novels, children’s novels, old schoolbooks, poetry, and other assorted things. Somehow I have ended up with three copies of Ivanhoe in this case and still haven’t read it.

And finally, not in any semblance of order or display, are the books I have brought over from my parents’ house that I owned as a kid. I can’t bear to let these go, not just for the memories, but also because some of them are hard to find now and even for the ones that aren’t…. picture books are crazy expensive! I have Rainbow Brite and Little Critter and Magic School Bus and fairy tales of all kinds and so very, very much more. Those boxes are books too. And there are more scattered about the room not pictured here.

It’s safe to say I have a few books. There are some others sitting around the house on tables and such not included in these photos because they keep getting moved around as either I or hubby read. I’m going to estimate I have read…. probably 60-70% of the books that I own. I love receiving books as gifts and perusing used book stores and picking things up on clearance sales, so I have amassed quite a few in the last 5-6 years especially that I haven’t yet read. Everything I own is something I would like to read though, and I am slowly working my way through the shelves. I’d probably be making my way through them faster if I stopped requesting books from the library too!


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