The Ferret Libraries – Eris’s Collection

Sadly, my collection cannot be featured here easily.

Right now I have a sad, small little bookcase on the other side of my bed from the door.


my tiny, sad little bookcase D:

The books share the space with my games and movies, as I have no other place to put those, either. In fact, looking at the picture, I realize that the bookshelf is mostly games and movies. >.> I should… probably do something about that.

At one point in time, I had an entire apartment filled with books. They overflowed the shelves and spilled into every room–bedroom, living/dining area and kitchen, even bathroom. I owned more than six bookshelves (a lot for a small, one-bedroom apartment), and three of them were massive six-and-a-half foot tall behemoths that I nearly killed myself wrestling into the place.

But (you just knew there was going to be a ‘but,’ didn’t you?) I moved back in with my parents a year ago, and since then, most of my books have been living in boxes in a storage unit. Over fifteen boxes, some around the standard banker’s box size (like pictured below), but some of the boxes are larger than that.

On top of them not being easily accessible, we’ve had a lot of storms these last few months. In fact, that last year has pretty much waterlogged us. And apparently… my storage unit is not waterproof. I’ve been flooded at least once (more, I’m sure, as I’ve been too cowardly to check since this last batch of storms), and some of my boxes sustained water damage. Including some of the book boxes. And, speaking of cowardly, I haven’t really done a thorough accounting of which books I’ve lost–but I know it’ll be quite a few whenever I’m brave enough to go through it. Some survived, yes, I do know that, but… perhaps not many.

It’s given me a certain perspective on what things I absolutely need to keep around me. And the year apart from the easy access to them has taught me which books I can’t really bear to be away from. In fact, I’ve actually gone ahead and bought doubles of the books I’ve found I desperately needed to reread, (knowing that the packed-away originals, damaged or no, were starting to get beaten up enough that I’d need to replace them soon anyway).

For the most part, I read out of a banker’s box of books.


Box o’ books!

My organizational system is basically non-existent. I toss new acquires right next to recently finished books. I think it only works because I have so few books on hand right now.

Someday (hopefully soon but realistically… no. Not soon at all), I want an actual library. A nice little cozy room lined with shelves and more in the center, with a reading chair and lamp tucked away in a corner. But that belies a certain amount of permanence, and I’m certainly not in an area of my life where anything is really permanent. So for now, my banker’s box of books and a library card is what works for me.

Oh, and the books I found I absolutely could not live without? The Nighrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling. The first book, Luck in the Shadows, is my all-time favorite book ever. I’ve read it probably upwards to a dozen and a half times, and I find new things to love about it every time I do. If you’ve read it and didn’t care for it–lie. to. me. Seriously. My broken, glitter encrusted heart cannot take a bad word about this novel.


Luck in the Shadows, by Lynn Flewelling… times two!

Anyway, that’s my book collection, sad as it is. Maybe someday I’ll get that library, but for now, this is it.


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