Serena’s Tale – The Sun’s Sorceress – Flashfiction Challenge

Song of the Saurials
(Note: we have not read this book, we were just really snagged by the cover’s craziness.)




Flash Fiction Title: The Sun’s Sorceress
Word Count: 900
Cover Challenge: Song of the Saurials





“Why do you insist on carrying that thing about when you cannot even play it?”

“Why do you insist on wearing that glamour all the time when you aren’t even remotely some sort of . . . saurial sorcerer hybrid?”

“This is my true form!”

Why, thought Solana as Errinal protested about his ridiculous triple-flute and Vissander continued to huff and snort, did I ever agree to travel with these idiots?

She cast her gaze up to the bright sky, but though her goddess shone comfortingly above, there was no answer. It hadn’t been her goddess’ decision that had led her here, but her own, though she had spent much of the past weeks of travel regretting it.

Is the world really so important? she thought despairingly. Couldn’t I have let someone else sign up for this ridiculous Quest and stayed home to protect the village?

You are too much My Creature to allow destruction to roll across the land when you might bring an end to it.

Solana stilled for a moment, then bowed her head, folding her hands. She hadn’t really meant to whine to her goddess, but the soothing warmth of Her regard was a comfort nevertheless. Of course, my Lady. she thought, eyes closed. But. . . Would it be so bad if I left them behind after we face Meziddathan? she asked half-playfully.

A rich golden laugh flowed through her mind, and Solana’s toes curled.

She opened her eyes and sighed at the pair in front of her, but drew herself up and walked on, sliding between them and stalking ahead. The strength of the sun’s rays across her bare shoulders and back gave her serenity and she restrained the urge to cast a fire whip at both males when they started to argue again.

Even that comfort faded, hours later, leaving Solana with a ripple of pain as she crested a final hill to behold the vicious darkness and lifeless grey that had spilled over the land beneath. Her heart ached, and she curled one hand over the hilt of her sword as though it could help her here.

“What is- Oh, gods.” Errinal breathed. “Oh no.”

“We- We knew this was a possibility.” Vissander said, though his deep, rumbling voice shook. “We must press on. Our strength is needed.”

“It is.” Solana agreed softly, pained, bowing her head for a moment. She was a creature of the bright sun and the weave of life; this . . . abomination sickened her, though she was strong enough to walk through it if she must. “We must put an end to this.” she said, narrowing her eyes.

“We will, Lady Sorceress.” Errinal said, resting a hand on her shoulder and meeting her eyes. “And when we have I shall compose a song!” he said brightly, holding up his flute.

“Right.” Solana said, eyeing the instrument.

“Come, my friends.” Vissander said, drawing himself up and wrapping both hands around his steel staff. “We must forge on; the fate of the world lies upon us!”

It was quite true, and yet somehow the way he spoke made Solana want to roll her eyes.

Solana drew back. “Yes. We must.” she agreed, bowing her head. “A moment so that I may prepare for the battle ahead.” she requested, a shudder sliding down her spine at the thought of the evil god-wizard who had poisoned this land who lay in wait for them. They would face him and Solana would channel her goddess’ wrath and burn his rotting shadows from the world.

She dropped to one knee and raised her cupped hands, murmuring old, old words as the sun grew brighter and hotter around her, pouring down as a tangible force and coalescing in her palms. Solana kept chanting as she heard surprise and dubious questions directed to her, her focus tight on her magic.

Solana breathed, closing her eyes and then opening them, looking up directly at the bright sun as even she could only do when invoking. Lady, she prayed, please preserve us and grant me your strength to wrest this evil from the world and allow your light and life to flood the land once more.

The warmth wrapped around her, glinting from every bit of armour and jewellery she wore, shining in her wild hair, filling her from her raised fingertips all the way down to her toes.

You are My chosen, My beloved sorceress, Solana, and you have My strength behind your words. Cleanse your world of this . . . Darkness.

“Yes, my Lady!” Solana cried, and the golden light sank into her skin, all save the brilliant disk cradled in her palms. She rose, feeling buoyed by the very air, and turned towards her Questing companions with eyes that glowed with her goddess’ power.

They were both staring at her. Solana smiled.

“Now. We will banish this foul creature and all his works.” she said, her eyes sliding between them, fixed on the distant point where she could feel the shadows and rot pulsing outwards from within the heart of the dead realm. It was there that she would find and slay Meziddathan.

The very earth rose to clear their path as Vissander raised his staff, and at Solana’s back Errinal played painful music that drove away the lesser shadow-things.

Solana led the way into Darkness, and Darkness fled before her steps.

My first impression from this cover was that the woman in the background was holding sunlight, and apparently it stuck. Despite the silliness, this was actually much less ridiculous than I expected it to be when I was looking at this cover thinking what the heck am I going to do with this? earlier this week. XD


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