The Ferrets’ Fantasy Cover Flashfiction Challenge . . . Continued!

Well . . . in a manner of speaking, anyway! We’re not writing another series of our own interpretations (yet), no. (Although of course we Ferrets are always open to inspiration. . .) However, we absolutely invite you to do so – and let us know if you do! In service to that, here are a few more covers – and Ferret commentary – from the shortlist we voted over for the focus of this last one!

This first one was actually tied for Ferret votes with Song of the Saurials, which was of course our final choice for the flashfiction challenge – at least this time.

grabbing lightning, disapproving sorceress

The Temptation of Elminster

In the assortment I presented for voting, it was captioned “Righteous sorceress stalks moron who touched something he shouldn’t have.” (As agreed by Michelle: ‘I mean if that’s not an “oh shit what have I done” look, I don’t know what is.’ It really is, complete with a background ‘oh yes, your ass is toast‘ look from the sorceress, don’t you think?)

The above cover was also my personal favourite from the voting list, to be honest, and I may well write something from this cover (as well as one that did not make this shortlist) in future!

book cover, fantasy cover, cover art, unlikely assassin howls along with wolf

Royal Assassin

Of course many of the covers in our shortlist sparked Ferret conversations, but this one inspired particular amusement for us.

This one makes me laugh because it’s so incongruous with the title. Like, when you say “assassin” I expect, like, some stealth. Perhaps some darker colors. Not standing on a tree with a howling wolf going “HERE I AM. ASSASSIN DUDE. READY TO GO.

RightWHAT EVEN IS THE OBJECTIVE HERE DUDE. ‘I am an assassin! Let me stand at a high point and howl with my buddy the wolf here before I go SNEAK INTO THAT CASTLE OVER YONDER.’
Also clearly billowy, bright yellow, wide open shirts are ace for stealth.

*wolf howls in the distance*
“Oh looks like the Golden Assassin is returning.”
“The Golden Assassin?”
“Yes, he wears all gold and brings a howling wolf with him as he hunts his targets.”
“…that seems a bit, uh, outside what an assassin ought to do, yeah?”
“He’s only managed to assassinate two people and we’re pretty sure one was an accident.”

. . .but I’m certain this howling man and wolf are indeed . . . very sneaky. Surely.

troll, knight, piercings


When presented for voting I captioned this one “Knight escorts a noble lady to her meeting with a body artist troll.”

Lissa wished to know where the Jim Henson movie is that goes with this cover.


Feeling inspired by any of these? Have one of your own interesting (fabulous or boggling) fantasy (or another genre) covers to share with us? Have you written a story inspired by someone else’s book cover before – if not, are you thinking about giving it a try now?


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