Ferrets on the Town: Downtown Claremore, OK

It’s been a busy year. It’s been a busy few years honestly. Not to mention physically and emotionally draining. Sometimes the Ferrets don’t always get to run away on our coveted writing retreats, so from time to time we steal an afternoon to ourselves closer to home.

Back in February we loaded up in my car and headed to downtown Claremore, OK. A short drive from Tulsa, it was the perfect afternoon getaway for lunch and a bit of quirky shopping.

Lunch was at The Pink House, which has since moved from it’s own (yes, it was pink) house down the street to a spot on the first floor of the Belvidere Mansion. What a perfect place for an afternoon lunch with friends! If you are a tea-lover there was a very long list of teas you could order. It was hard for some of the Ferrets to decide! And while we were there we enjoyed watching a large table of little girls come in with fabulous hats and their best attempts at fancy-lady manners for their own tea party.

See this food? Yum! Their menu had a great selection and there were other things we’d love to try if we go back another time.

Make sure to leave room for dessert! A few of us did and it was well worth it. Mmm… thinking about it makes me ready to return!

The next highlight of the afternoon was heading to the local bookstore, Boarding House Books. While largely a used bookstore, they also host a selection of brand new books scattered about as well. In fact, here are some of the Ferrets sharing a laugh over book covers. Yes, this is where we picked our cover for the Fantasy Cover Flashfiction Challenge! The employees are friendly and enthusiastic about the books you’ll find and the shop itself is fun to explore as you wander from room to room of the old boarding house. Looking for old romance paperbacks? You’ll find a stash of them in an old clawfoot bathtub! Appropriate, right?

Boarding House Books also has a few bookshelves just off to your left when you first walk in that display only Oklahoma authors, especially those who have printed with small or independent presses. How awesome! And yes, they hold author events throughout the year. We were all happily dreaming of a day in the future when perhaps we can hold a joint Ferret event here, each displaying a book of our own. But for the meantime, it was fun to pose on the steps that lead up the second floor of the shop. How awesome are these? They’re well worth pausing to enjoy the artwork and pick out your own old favorite stories among those depicted before heading upstairs to find new favorites.

We spent the last bit of our day wandering a few of the antique stores in the area. Between the bookstore and the antique shops I think we all walked away with at least one or two new treasures from the day (not to mention very full and happy bellies, thanks The Pink House!)

One of my own personal favorite pastimes in antique stores is to look for some of the weirdest, creepiest objects I can find. Do these qualify? I can see anything from an old-fashioned children’s Halloween story to an all-out horror story brewing from these masks. Needless to say the photo was the only format in which I was willing to take these home with me.

At the end of several hours we were exhausted and ready for a long nap, but still giddy and goofy from an afternoon out with friends exploring new stomping grounds. The moral of Ferrets on the Town? You often don’t have to drive far to explore something new with your friends!

Stay tuned to the blog for our next adventure, near or far. It hasn’t happened yet but if I know anything about the Ferrets, it will!


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