NaNoWriMo Week One Update

We’re a full week into NaNoWriMo, and to say we’ve been struggling is a bit of an understatement. With unexpected life circumstances hitting us (Ferret in the hospital! ALL HANDS ON DECK!) in addition to the regular busy-ness of November, I think pretty much all of us have been fighting to keep our heads above water.

But I’ll let the other Ferrets tell you how it’s going…

Total word count: 50,000
Word count for day 6: 10,000

Rebekah – 6408 words

The past week is, honestly, a blur. Somehow despite all the craziness of days spent at the hospital with Serena, and caring for Serena’s cats while she’s been unable to, I’ve actually started on my NaNo Novel. I am definitely not on par for daily word counts.

Things are lightening up now, though. Creativity flows so much better when life-and-death issues aren’t hanging over your head, as I definitely found out on Saturday at our first regional write-in, and when Serena was finally actually on the mend. Here’s to a week of writing despite some really excruciating circumstances! I have no desire to do this ever again, lol. Now to catch up!

Michelle – 6702 words

I can feel the lack of sleep catching up with me. XD Between the midnight kickoff (online, thankfully), work, and spending most evenings in the hospital until after 10, my writing time has been limited and I can count on one finger the number of days I’ve gotten to bed before 1am. The lack of outlining I did during October certainly isn’t helping, either, and my determination to stick to just one project has already wavered.

However. Saturday was an excellent writing day (not quite 4k, but nearly!), and I’m hopeful that Tuesday’s write-in will help me take another giant step forward. (Write-in days are always more productive.) Until then, I’ll just keep plugging along as much as I can.

Eris – 2750 “words”

Well, it’s been nearly a week, and I’m very much behind in my “wordcount.” Like I said before, I’m drawing this year, so I’ve come up with an art schedule that loosely translates to a wordcount. (Which is why, if you look at my author page on the official NaNo site, it says I’m at 2750 words.) I knew that I’d be behind for much of the first part of the month because I tend to finish multiple pieces of art in batches, but I’m still behind my own set schedule. I can catch up though! At least, I’m still hoping I can.

Lissa – 0 hours (out of 50)

It is almost 9PM on November 6th… and I’m about to pick up a pen for the first time this NaNo. I think it’s safe to say that 50 hours is out the window this year, but beating my time of 17 hours and 1 minute from last year is still totally possible. Between work, caring for a sick Ferret, and then caring for a sick me (hooray for autoimmune flares! anyone? anyone?) this first week of November has disappeared before my eyes. So we’ll see where the rest of this month takes me and hopefully, very hopefully, I can still find my writing groove. I have missed it.

Serena – 1383 words

I don’t know how many words I’ve written for NaNo thus far (I’ll tabulate once I have my laptop again) across a handful of micro projects – though through everything I have been writing every day. Unfortunately I think it’s well under 2k yet…

I’m in a physical rehab facility now, not ICU or even hospital at all, and doing so much better I’m hoping to have two plus weeks of NaNo left to write, well, the majority of my 50k goal!


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