NaNoWriMo Week Two Update

Wait, what do you mean we’re almost halfway through the month?! Some of the stress of the beginning of the month has tapered off, and we’re finally finding our grooves (or, in some cases, seeing just how much we bit off with our goals for the month). The 6-hour marathon write-in on Saturday certainly gave most of us a huge push in the right direction, and now it’s just a matter of keeping the momentum until the end of the month. We’re getting very close to being on the downward slope!

Total word count: 50,000
Word count for day 13: 21,667

Rebekah – 22,088 words

Wow has it been a week! So… last week I was at nearly half the words I needed to have. This week, I’ve caught up! I won’t lie – part of it is because creativity really is easier when things are going BETTER in life in general. But so is sleeping, and I’ve been fighting a lot of fatigue this week, partly because the weather has just been non-stop dreary, but also because my body is beginning to realize that we aren’t having to run on adrenaline all the time anymore.

We had our 6-hr marathon write-in on Saturday, and what I thought was going to be a productive word count day ended up to be more like pulling teeth with every word I tried to write. So on Sunday, I sat down and caught up out of sheer determination.

And now, finally, the words are starting to flow!

Michelle – 22,522 words

It’s been a week of playing catch-up, both at work and with NaNo (and with sleep, holy cow–I’ve never been as exhausted at a write-in as I was at our first Tuesday night write-in). But I did buckle down and over the course of 3 days, wrote over 9,000 words to get not just caught up, but a day ahead! Plus, I’ve finally reached the point with my story where I’ve tied in all the scenes from previous drafts that I wanted to use, and I’ve figured out where I want things to go. I don’t think I’ll finish the story by the end of November, but I feel a lot more solid in my ability to make some serious headway on it.

Eris – 6700 “words”

So my NaNo project has been proceeding pretty… terribly. As of Monday night, I’m barely at 6700 “words.” The project itself is actually building up quite nicely, just too slowly. I’d much rather nice and slow than terrible and quick, all things considered, but still. I’m very much behind schedule, and I’m really starting to think I won’t catch up. Realistically, if I can get 16 more pages done, I think I can be happy with that.

Lissa – 5 hrs 6 mins (out of 50)

It’s been a bit rough trying to get back into the hang of writing after a couple of months of time off followed by physical, mental, and emotional upheaval… but I’m trying! The marathon write-in held for our region on Saturday went a long way in helping me. I’m still wrestling with writer’s block. Not sure when I’ll manage to break through that. But words are slowly coming for me here and there, so I’ll keep up that battle. And besides, as long as I’m sitting and trying that’s what counts for me in NaNo. Writer’s block always breaks. I just have to be persistent enough to see it through.

Serena – 25,265 words

I’m home! I was discharged from the inpatient physical rehab facility the evening of the 8th, and thus gleefully reunited with both my cats and my laptop (and its glorious properly-sized keyboard)! I’m still recovering now, but as you can see above, I’ve already caught up to par for NaNoWriMo, which I am delighted about – I pulled an 8k day this weekend, with the help of the marathon write-in in our region. (I even made it to a write-in!) I couldn’t have made it through – the hospital, rehab, recovering now – without the other Ferrets, and they’re still cheering me on and helping me.

My brain is definitely still recovering – I’m stuck working on very short stories right now, and I’m a little frustrated with it, but I was sick for a long time and it was affecting my writing even before I landed in the ICU. I’m building back up to my normal, still, and I’m happy just to be writing again, really!


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