NaNoWriMo Week Three Update

As of today, we have less than a week and a half left before NaNoWriMo is over for another year, and validation has officially started on the NaNo site. And, just as we have pretty much every year, we’re all looking up from our projects with bleary eyes going “Wait? What do you mean week three is nearly over? What to you mean it’s almost Thanksgiving?”

We’re all a bit (a lot) frazzled, but we’re also at the point that we can see the finish line. Just ten days and four write-ins remain…

Total word count: 50,000
Word count for day 20: 35,000

Rebekah – 32,237 words

I… honestly don’t have a lot to say about this week. I have fallen a bit behind again, but I have desperately needed the reprieve of not having to force myself to write. We have a write-in tomorrow night, and I have a mostly free day tomorrow beforehand, so I should be caught up again, if not ahead, by end of day.

I did do something I haven’t done before this year, though – I decided to count a blog post I had to write on a deadline towards my word count. It about a day’s worth of words, but I spent most of Sunday writing the post, doing photography for it, and editing the photos. It was a great creative exercise, and I’m so happy with how the post (and the pictures!) turned out that I didn’t want to feel that the entire day was a waste because I didn’t work on my novel. Also, November had a rocky start. I’m going to do my best to exceed 50k no matter what, but I just needed a little push to get past the weekend.

Michelle – 32,538 words

Although week 3 hasn’t been terrible, I am definitely feeling my lack of outlining before the month started. Some parts of the story have gone really well, while others have been a struggle to get through. I’m at point A right now, and I know I need to get to point B, but how I get to point B is a frustrating mystery. I’ve been doing well at getting 3k-4k words at write-ins, and for the first time in my years of doing NaNo, I am not traveling for the Thanksgiving holidays, so I’m hoping that Thursday and Friday will give me an opportunity to catch back up again.

Eris – 9,655 “words”

Well, I’m at 9,655 words. I haven’t really had time to do anything at all, nevermind art or writing. My life has been determined to implode on me all month, and it seems like I just can’t catch a break. I’m not exactly ready to throw in the towel yet on NaNo for this year but… I am pretty sure I’m not going to make 50,000. I’m not sure I can make half that.

I guess there’s always next year. *heaves a forlorn sigh*

Lissa – 7 hrs 1 min (out of 50)

I think I’m throwing in the towel this year. Hanging up my coat. Shaking off the umbrella. Calling it a valiant try.

I may write more before this month is up. I may not. At this point it is not because I’m running so far behind, but because I need to preserve my own well being that I am sort of unofficially withdrawing. (Can rebels even withdraw?) I think my body, mind, and heart have all been through a little too much lately and there’s no promise, or even hope, of smooth seas in the near future.

I feel a bit like once again I’m giving up on writing, but I’m reminding myself this time IS different. Yes I’m suffering from writer’s block, but I have zero desire to let it win. If anything I want to conquer it all the more. I’m halfway afraid I’m going to burst into poorly arranged words and punctuation at any moment. I want to write, need to write at this point for my own sanity. But I also need to rest. I can’t do it all, no matter how I try to convince myself with every to-do list that I can. So I’m resting, but keeping pen and paper close. If I press too hard the words will only tear me up on the inside when they explode, rather than pouring out in the poetry, the story I ache to tell.

Serena – 46,505 words

I’m not entirely sure where the last week went. . . Nor how Thanksgiving is this week. o.O I’ve had some good writing days recently though, and I’ve even managed to work up from short stories to . . . well, still short stories, but slightly longer and more complex ones – I even picked up a story I had been floundering on in the last week before I went into ICU and get it all untangled and finished (at least the first draft; and that’s really what NaNo is about, after all – editing can come later!).

This week promises to be busy, and I haven’t made it to any more write-ins, but I’m hopeful I will make at least one more before NaNoWriMo is over for the year – though that is strikingly close now, how – and I’m even confident now that I’ll make more than 50k after all! . . .but I’m still not tackling the novel I wanted to write this NaNo, of course, nor trying remotely for 100k. I’ll be back to my old NaNo tricks soon perhaps, but not quite that soon. 😉 . . .and now I’m off, returning to writing a traumatic, heart-wrenching story of treason and fratricide.

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