The Quirky and Captivating Characters of Discworld

Discworld is a wonderful, enthralling, hilarious world, rich in humour and history and all manner of intriguing cleverness and nonsense.

D is for Discworld

D is for Discworld

With over forty novels and companion books, there is a veritable avalanche of things to talk about and go on about. (Which I can and have; you should hear the chatter when Michelle and I get going talking about Discworld!)

However, while I could rhapsodise on the humour (silly and serious, wound through every topic), the cultures (satiric and exaggerated, but multi-layered and deeply thought-out), the plots (wide-ranging and intriguing), and many other things, what I’ve actually decided to focus on is what definitely keeps me coming back to Discworld over and over again.

The amazing characters.

The peoples that populate Discworld – no matter their species – are fascinating and incredibly varied, each of them whose eyes we see through showing us their unique take on their world.
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