NaNoWriMo participants 2017

NaNoWriMo Week Two Update

Wait, what do you mean we’re almost halfway through the month?! Some of the stress of the beginning of the month has tapered off, and we’re finally finding our grooves (or, in some cases, seeing just how much we bit off with our goals for the month). The 6-hour marathon write-in on Saturday certainly gave most of us a huge push in the right direction, and now it’s just a matter of keeping the momentum until the end of the month. We’re getting very close to being on the downward slope!

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NaNoWriMo Is Coming

NaNoWriMo participants 2017It’s that time of year…NaNoWriMo is upon us once more!

As those of you who’ve been following us for awhile know, National Novel Writing Month is what brought the Ferrets together (Michelle, Serena, and Rebekah met in 2009, then met Lissa in 2010 when Michelle and Rebekah took over MLing duties, Michelle pulled Jess* along in early 2011, and then Eris joined up in NaNo 2011).

Since then, we’ve all participated in some form or fashion, although this year is going to be a little more rebellious** than others! As usual, we’ll have weekly updates during November as we check in on our projects, and you can follow our daily progress on the NaNo site itself.

If you’ve always wanted to write a novel but just can’t find the time, I cannot encourage you enough to sign up for NaNo and get involved with your local region. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, which is why I come back to do it every year not only as a participant, but as an ML as well, so that I can help other people achieve their writing dreams.

There’s still time to sign up, so why not give it a go?

And without further ado, here’s what we’re working on this year!

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Wrapping Up NaNoWriMo 2016 with the Ferrets!

It’s time for triumph! Right?

NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner's Banner - space-themed

Each of the Ferrets below launched herself into NaNo – with or without a plan, to be quite honest with you, and not all of those plans survived engagement with NaNoWriMo proper – and forged ahead, making progress on her chosen project (or projects).

We attended write-ins, we made ourselves laugh or cry – and that’s just at the process of writing, before we even get to the content – we developed some truly impressive NaNo-fingers and NaNo-brains leading to nifty new and creative typos. . .

Life forgot that there’s supposed to be an allowance for NaNo and threw obstacles in our paths, but we made it through anyway!

Let’s say goodbye to NaNoWriMo for this year with a last word from each of us about this year’s session and our works for it.

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NaNoWriMo Week Three! – Ferret Updates

We’re three weeks in and the Ferrets are fighting to catch up and fighting through the universe’s distractions and to be honest with you while I’m not the only Ferret who is dead tired this (Monday) evening, I am definitely a little frazzled.

Week three is traditionally the doldrums, when momentum slows and things began to tangle even if you had an outline, when the excited launch of week one fades and the word-high of week two gives way to the realisation that NaNoWriMo can be kind of tough, you guys, wait I only have how much time left?

It’s hit all of us Ferrets in different ways, but I don’t think any of us were quite ready to realise we were three weeks into NaNo already, whatever the state of our projects!

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NaNoWriMo Week Two! – Ferret Updates

Here we are again already? NaNo’s charging through quick!

This time I am not writing this at a write-in, around Box of Doom challenges, with most of the other Ferrets sitting around me typing furiously. (Instead, I’m curled sleepily in a pile of blankets trying to muster the awakeness to get some writing done before midnight, while most of the other Ferrets run a sprint – I’ll have to join in on the next one!)

Our next write-in is tomorrow (Tuesday), and while I can’t speak for everyone in the region, it seems like the Ferrets are all hoping it will let us catch up a little closer to where we should be wordcount-wise. It’s been a busy week since the last update, and several of us have had disruptive incidents – the universe always seems to forget to make allowances for the fact that NaNoWriMo happens in November.

Here’s to hopefully catching up, and hopefully a more even keel week three!
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NaNoWriMo Week One! – Ferret Updates

We’re a full week into NaNoWriMo now! I can hardly believe it. . .

So. Week one: we’re doing this NaNo thing! There are . . . words. All of the words! All of the words . . . are currently being used in our novels. We have rambled the leftovers here.

All of us have attended at least one local write-in, of which there have already been several. (In fact, Monday night as I type this up I am sitting in a line with Eris and Michelle, and Rebekah is busily at work behind me – we’re set up at a write-in right now!) There have been upheavals and upsets, busy days and borked outlines. . .

But we have all rallied and charged onwards, and week one is the time for the brightest optimism and freshest look at our stories! (Even if they aren’t entirely sure what they want to be yet.)

Total Goal: 50,000
Goal for End of Day Seven: 11,666

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Welcome to NaNoWriMo!

It’s NaNoWriMo time again!

NaNoWriMo 2016 Participant Banner - space-themed

This wonderful event is what first brought the Ferrets together and we all have a fondness for the madness and magic of NaNoWriMo. (If you’ve never tried it before, but you’ve wondered about writing or felt you needed a kickstart at it, you might give it a try – could be just the thing to help you out! At least two of us signed up at the last minute our first year – Michelle and I, Serena – and still both enjoyed and won NaNoWriMo.)

We’ve talked about NaNo before, so I won’t cover old ground (too much) – besides, I have preparations for NaNo-ing with which I should be busying myself!

Among us we Ferrets have two MLs (Municipal Liaisons; they are magic and coordinate events – and everything – for our region), a handwriter, a dual-project/double-goal writer, and a rebel poet. We’ve quite a range, and we’ll be checking in weekly here with updates on each of our projects! You can also follow each of our progress, save that of our lone poet, at our profiles on the NaNoWriMo site itself. Continue reading

2015 Ferret NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

Somehow, November is over. We are reeling, a bit, from things real-life threw at us, and just the speed at which November went by.

A recap of the week, NaNo-event wise, was: There were write-ins. There were sick Ferrets, sadly. There was an insane streak of bad luck/grief/just-plain-ol’-not-fun events. But we survived.  Continue reading

Ferret NaNoWriMo Update – Week 3

Winning starts today! Only one of the Ferrets is eligible so far…

A recap of the week, NaNo-event wise, was: Once again, two regional write-ins, though the weather tried to drown us all for the second one, but words were still achieved!

Total Goal: 50,000 words each by the end of the month
Goal for end of Day 19: 31,667 words

Personal Updates:

Rebekah – 31,672 words

Why yes, I am exactly 4 words over goal. I will take whatever cushion I can at the moment, no matter how minor. My personal life decided to blow up in my face this week (Hubby was laid off, scrambling to fit in last-minute dr’s appts, etc, before we’re uninsured at the end of the year, and then chicken health issues to boot, all while trying to figure out the money-issue.) so it’s quite an accomplishment that I’m four words ahead, indeed.

Michelle – 31,701

What do you MEAN we only have one full week left in the month? On the one hand, I’m not surprised. On the other hand, yes, it definitely feels like week 3. XD I know I said last week was rough, but this week was harder, partly because of work and partly because I was struggling with my story. (This part was not outlined. I need an outline. This was a bad decision.) However, last night, I got back on track, and I’m ready to jump fully into week four!

Eris – 27,000 (approximately, handwritten)

This week has been strange. Good, but strange. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably have caught up. Unfortunately I don’t have the numbers yet for you–it’s the bad part about handwriting everything. Monday night I was at 17,000 and I’m fairly certain I’ve written at LEAST another 10,000 to add to that. Probably more.

Anyway, I’ll type it all up this weekend to get an accurate wordcount, but for now, I’m feeling rather hopeful. 🙂

Cheers! And good luck! We’ve got, what, 10 more days to finish? We got this.

Serena – 52,700

Yes, it’s the 19th and I made it to the 50k flag yesterday! (Which . . . actually still leaves me behind for my personal goal, of course. Although mostly no one else who is behind on their NaNo goals wants to hear me say so.)

I had definitely thought that by this point I’d have finished the wrap-up for the major plot arc I started the month working on and moved on to a different one (one in which a main character dies, and yet it is still the much happier of the two – at least in theory). Instead, I’m roughly 44k into the end slope of the arc and not finished yet. I’m hoping that when I wrap this up (hopefully soon) I’ll be able to work a little quicker and catch up to my goal, as this arc has been a very tricky. I feel good about what I’m writing again, however, after the brief scramble of losing it last week, and that’s more important to me!

We’re going into Week Four, and the end is almost in sight! How are you holding up for NaNo, or just for November, period?

US Followers: What are your Thanksgiving plans? Hope it’s a bountiful, happy one, no matter what!

Ferret NaNoWriMo Update – Week 2

Wow, the month is flying by! NaNo is almost half over…

A recap of the week, NaNo-event wise, was: We had two write-ins in our local region, and Ferret attendance was good! We all wrote, despite some personal challenges we each faced this week.

Total Goal: 50,000 words each by the end of the month
Goal for end of Day 12: 20,000 words

Personal Updates:

Rebekah – 20,094 words

I just spent 6,000 words with my antagonist bargaining with a half-insane magical creature in the bottom of an oubliette.

Now I have to figure out what happens after that.

Michelle – 20,396 words

This week was a little rougher than last week. Although I managed to get a buffer over the weekend, I ended up not feeling well on Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning I barely eked out 200 words each day. However, my buffer kept me on track, and once I was feeling better, I was able to catch back up. I’m very glad I switched stories, because this has been going much smoother (even though I’m now at a point that I have no idea what happens next). Plus, we had our first two write-ins, one on Saturday and one on Monday, and both were surprisingly well-attended. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people have attended the write-ins so far, overall, and I hope that means everyone else is finding them as useful as I do. 🙂

Eris – 8,600 words (approximately, handwritten)

Well, I’m super behind. As it stands, I’m not sure I can catch up. By this Sunday we need to be at 25,000 to be on par, and I currently have… 8600. Which makes me a little over than 16,000 words behind. Ugh.

I even started a second project–you know, to make the first one jealous? Sometimes that works for me when I’m running behind. So far it’s… Well, as you can see, it’s not working.

At this point I think I’ll be lucky if I can reach 20,000 before the end of the month. :/

Serena – 31,795 words

Why did I choose to work within such a complex world during NaNo again? I am loving losing myself in it, though, seriously, and writing all the words the way NaNoWriMo pushes me to do, but on the other hand I’m also now even more behind for my personal goal than I was last week. That’s going the wrong direction! And I may have spent the entirety of my writing time Thursday alternately stuck, unfocused, or writing scenes in such a way that they don’t work and will need to be rewritten before I can even continue. (That’s more discouraging for me than the being behind – it doesn’t happen often, but I hate it when ‘this will have to be scrapped entirely’ comes up in my writing.) Tomorrow is a fresh start and all that, though, and once I shoo those terrible, terrible words away I can write something better – and hopefully start working towards getting caught up for my goal, instead of further behind.

Are you still holding strong? What’s something difficult you had to deal with that affected your writing this week, whether in real-life, or in your story? If you’re not doing NaNo, what are you working on right now, and is it still going smoothly?