Final Ferret: Serena!

Perching Serena

I like to perch on anything climbable.

Name: Serena Saint-Marceaux

Meyers-Briggs: INTP

Favourite Beverage: Hot tea (. . .don’t make me pick one, please?)

Favourite Genres to Read: Fantasy, Paranormal, Serious/Dark Humour, Romance

Favourite Place to Read: . . .anywhere? In a tucked-away corner somewhere outside (at a height, if possible), or curled up warm on my couch.

Things to do when you’re not writing: I read a lot, unsurprisingly. I enjoy cooking, particularly baking, often experimenting/reworking recipes. I’m a musician as well as a dancer – mostly I play percussion. I knit (not as often as I’d like) and make bead-and-wire jewellery.

Favourite Genres to Write: Fantasy (in a number of forms), Supernatural, Science fiction, Steampunk, Romance. . . Honestly I jump genres a lot – and somehow an element of romance seems to find its way into (almost) everything eventually.

Writing Tool You Couldn’t Live Without: Honestly, I can’t imagine anything stopping me writing, but . . . er, my laptop? Carmellon is my darling, and I write much more easily typing on him. (Yes, he is named in Sindarin.)

Random Ferret Question:
Jess asked: If you were an assassin, what would be your five favourite methods to kill targets, and one method you would never utilise?

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