Writing Beverages

When you’re in the throes of writing—whether you’re on a deadline or in the midst of NaNo or just have a story you’ve got to get down—it’s important to stay hydrated!

Everybody has their favorite beverages for when they’re mid-draft, but here’s how I keep myself going:

The Classic: Water
I know, water is boring, but it’s important. No matter what other beverages you consume while typing or scribbling away, water should always be on your list. The health benefits are numerous, and it’s a relatively easy way to keep yourself from falling into bad habits when you’re more concerned with the next plot point than where your next meal is coming from.

Personally, I like to try to drink about a cup of water for each non-water beverage, and so far, that seems to have worked out okay.

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Final Ferret: Serena!

Perching Serena

I like to perch on anything climbable.

Name: Serena Saint-Marceaux

Meyers-Briggs: INTP

Favourite Beverage: Hot tea (. . .don’t make me pick one, please?)

Favourite Genres to Read: Fantasy, Paranormal, Serious/Dark Humour, Romance

Favourite Place to Read: . . .anywhere? In a tucked-away corner somewhere outside (at a height, if possible), or curled up warm on my couch.

Things to do when you’re not writing: I read a lot, unsurprisingly. I enjoy cooking, particularly baking, often experimenting/reworking recipes. I’m a musician as well as a dancer – mostly I play percussion. I knit (not as often as I’d like) and make bead-and-wire jewellery.

Favourite Genres to Write: Fantasy (in a number of forms), Supernatural, Science fiction, Steampunk, Romance. . . Honestly I jump genres a lot – and somehow an element of romance seems to find its way into (almost) everything eventually.

Writing Tool You Couldn’t Live Without: Honestly, I can’t imagine anything stopping me writing, but . . . er, my laptop? Carmellon is my darling, and I write much more easily typing on him. (Yes, he is named in Sindarin.)

Random Ferret Question:
Jess asked: If you were an assassin, what would be your five favourite methods to kill targets, and one method you would never utilise?

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Within the Wood, a Ferret: Jessica

Jessica Fontaine Jones - FerretsName: Jessica Fontaine Jones

ENFP (Champion-Idealist)
(Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perciever)

Favorite Beverage:
Tea! I have a goal to try 100 teas this year. Green with coconut and ginger is my current favorite.

I also enjoy snipping fresh fresh spearmint from my garden. Great for tea, and mint has long been a favorite flavor of mine. Also love clear, clean water (even without plants in it).

Favorite Genre(s) to Read:
Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Children’s, How-To, Humor.

Favorite Place to Read:
In a tree. Feeling the branches rocking in the wind is the best.
Second favorite: Anywhere. 🙂

Things you do when you’re not writing:
Running a business with my hubby.
Escaping into the woods for rock climbing or yoga (also with hubby).
Cooking for friends and loved ones.
Talking to my herbs, trees, and flowers.
Playing Minecraft with my little niece.
Talking with my grandmother about herbs, trees, and flowers.
Volunteering with Rotary.
Pondering the meaning of life.

Favorite Genre(s) to Write:
Children’s, How-to, Interviews, Romance.

Writing Tool You Can’t Live Without:
Uniball signo micro 207 pen. It is my sonic screwdriver.
Used in conjunction with various notebooks, and an iPad with USB keyboard.

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