A Peek at the Ferret Dictionary

We Ferrets have been recovering from NaNoWriMo – and preparing for/launching into the holiday season now upon us, as it is always a little bit of a surprise after the madness of NaNo fades back into the ‘real world’. . .

So have a bit of silliness from the Ferret Archivist. It’s been several years since I last shared anything from the Ferret Archives, and here are some more words spotlighted from the Ferret Dictionary.

15th century manuscript with original binding

Photo by Erwan Plougonven, used under CC BY-SA 4.0. (Resized. Otherwise unchanged.)

The Ferret Dictionary is a collection of words to refer to concepts or objects that simply don’t have a proper word – or did not before the Ferrets came along to fix things! Their most common source is typos (ones that are entertaining enough to make us think they need an explanation) and often more than one of us will come up with the same meaning for one as soon as we decide a particular word is deserving of it.

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Writing Short – Let’s Think About Words

I have discovered over the years that I have two settings when it comes to writing – I can write very short, or very long. (This holds true in the a smaller degree when I write short stories – I can do drabbles, or little shorts of a few thousand words, or wind up with a ‘short story’ that is pushing 45,000 words. Not a short story any more.)

Today I’m talking about the short side of things, obviously. (I don’t have such an easy explanation for the longer side of my writing habits.)

Really, though, I am very fond of short fiction, both reading (bite-sized pieces of story? Yes please!) and writing. I think it can be a very fun look at things.

One reason why I like writing short fiction, and why I think it’s done so much for me as a writer (I’ve written a lot of tiny stories), is that it makes me think about words. Now if you know me – or, heck, if you’ve read much of my rambling on writing in the past – you might be given pause at this point, because no, I never think about words ever, nope nope nope.

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From the Ferret Archivist

As the Officially Un-Official Keeper of Ferret Documents, I’m here today with a post talking about – and sharing examples of – three documents of which I keep track.

Photo by En-i, Wikimedia Commons

Photo by En-i, Wikimedia Commons

The Ferret Dictionary, the Ferret Phrasebook – and the Ultimate Nemeses Collection of the RRFS.

These three hallowed documents came into existence during the first NaNoWriMo after the creation of the RRFS, and are regularly expanded. The last addition as of my writing this post was to the Phrasebook, and only a few days ago.

Things get (more than) a little silly around here – are you really surprised? – but as writers we simply know that sometimes there just isn’t a word in the English language for what you want to say, sometimes you need a phrasebook to understand a Ferret, and sometimes . . . there really are evil nemeses out to get you – and worse, keep you from your writing!

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