The Writer’s Pursuit of Health – When Writing Hurts

The Writer's Pursuit of Health, When Writing Hurts, Serena Saint-Marceaux, Rabid Rainbow Ferret Society, health, writing, physical health, pain, dealing with pain

I could talk about how my writing and my emotional state (my mental health) form an interlocking and interdependent superstructure in my psyche, but. . . Well, I’ve already written that post. (Maybe from multiple angles.)

Instead today I’ll talk a little about the way my writing and my physical health interlock – which is not always such a positive foundation.

My physical health can be a tricky thing to quantify (but isn’t it that way for many people? health isn’t so straightforward as we might like, I think) from the easily-labelled (anaemia, RAD, hypotension and hypoglycaemia that when layered cause dizziness and fainting spells, old injuries, etc.) to the mysterious (trouble under direct summer sunlight, overly ‘stretchy’ tendons and slightly flexible bones, ‘migraines’ that black out my vision with no pain, systemic problems rooted in what could be an immune disorder, etc.). Sitting around for long periods is hard on even a healthy body! With one a little more banged up? Well. . . Continue reading


The Writer’s Pursuit of Health – Writing Through Brain Fog

The Writer's Pursuit of Health, Writing Through Brain Fog, Rebekah Loper, Rabid Rainbow Ferret Society, brain fog, chronic health issues, chronic illness, self care, writing

‘Brain fog’ is not considered to be a medical condition in and of itself, but the medical community has begun to recognize its affect in recent years.

So what is brain fog?

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Writing and Emotional Health

I have been told on multiple occasions (by writerly friends, my mother the editor, and one or two therapists, for a start) that I process quite a lot of what I feel or go through via my writing.

It’s a familiar thought now, and it makes me happy. It also makes me feel better at times about those days I spend five hours to get a paragraph written but I just need to write and can do nothing else. But at first it made me . . . wonder, a little.

Like. . . What does that mean? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It seems like it is good for me, but is it bad for my writing?

Honestly, I don’t think it is at all, although there are certainly some pieces of writing that helped me deal with something stressful, angering, or hurtful in my life which I wrote just to write, to get out or process, and would never try and polish up for public consumption. Some things belong in the depths of one’s hard drive (and occasionally shared with friends, for . . . reasons).

And as far as being good for me? Oh, absolutely!
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