The Act of Writing

Alright, so our lovely Michelle is on vacation this week, so I’m filling in. I want to talk about the actual act of writing.

If you’re a writer–professional, aspiring, or anywhere in between–then you’ve probably read an advice column/blog post/book or two on writing. More than likely, those pieces of advice all had one thing in common: in order to be a writer, one must write.

Which is absolutely true.

But I think, sometimes, that people–especially new writers–get bogged down in the act of writing. We all know that we need to write. We even have a vague idea as to how. And yet, the act of just getting your butt in the chair and get to work is, well, difficult.

And yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.

But unless you actually get your butt in that chair (or couch or balance ball or wherever it is you like to perch on in order to spill out your words), you’re not really going to do any writing. So, as a person who can have an incredibly difficult time of convincing herself that she needs to actually work on her projects, I have compiled a list of ways I have managed to successfully get myself into my chair in order to write. Some of them may work for you. Some of them may not. I’ve added in my two cents on what I think of them, but at always, your mileage may vary. Try them out at your leisure, and let me know whatever more tricks you have personally come up with along the way.

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Writing and Emotional Health

I have been told on multiple occasions (by writerly friends, my mother the editor, and one or two therapists, for a start) that I process quite a lot of what I feel or go through via my writing.

It’s a familiar thought now, and it makes me happy. It also makes me feel better at times about those days I spend five hours to get a paragraph written but I just need to write and can do nothing else. But at first it made me . . . wonder, a little.

Like. . . What does that mean? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It seems like it is good for me, but is it bad for my writing?

Honestly, I don’t think it is at all, although there are certainly some pieces of writing that helped me deal with something stressful, angering, or hurtful in my life which I wrote just to write, to get out or process, and would never try and polish up for public consumption. Some things belong in the depths of one’s hard drive (and occasionally shared with friends, for . . . reasons).

And as far as being good for me? Oh, absolutely!
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The Writing Process Blog Hop – Michelle Answers the Tough Questions

We were tagged in a blog hop by the lovely Michele Chiappetta with the Purple Ink Writers, wherein we discuss the particulars of our writing process! I’m up this week, and Rebekah will have her own writing process post up next Monday.

So, here are the questions!

What am I working on?

Primarily, I’m working on a new adult urban fantasy set in and around Norman and Oklahoma City, where werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural creatures are commonplace, and OU has a school of magic nestled somewhere on the South Oval.

Connor, my MC, is a wizard, a sophomore in college, and he’s just accidentally helped his girlfriend steal a very dangerous book from the wizard’s library on campus. (Oops?) So naturally, he’s got to stop her before she can use the spells, which have a very good chance of causing mass destruction as a side effect.

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Writers are Weird – A Look at Quirks


Q is for Quirks

Let’s face it. Writers are weird. Artists in general are usually weird. And most of us revel in our own brand of eccentricity… whatever that may be.

When I took this topic for A-Z I started thinking… what are my own quirks? Sadly I don’t have any too fantastic, but I do have two that stand out from ‘normal’ behavior.

1) I can’t listen to music when writing. I will sing. Or dance. Or lose myself in entirely unrelated daydreams. I can listen to music that INSPIRES stories prior to writing, or while taking a break from writing, but not while doing the deed. Even instrumentals. There have been maybe four or five instrumentals, ever, that I have listened to while actually writing. And those were set on repeat for hours while I lost myself in the sound.

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