Ferrets on the Road: Broken Bow, OK

We survived! And with surprisingly no terrible mishaps! (Unless you count the discovery that the A/C drain in my car is clogged and will therefore flood the driver’s side floorboard if left on… but that wasn’t the trip’s fault at least.)

This year’s retreat took us to a little cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Everything about it was gorgeous. The road trip was easy with very few directions to follow, the weather was brilliantly cool at night and warm but not sweltering in the afternoons, and as we mentioned in the guestbook… we met no one and it was lovely.  Continue reading

On Retreat! (What ‘Writing Retreat’ Means to Me)

Hello September! I am very excited for this month (the arrival of which I have been anxiously awaiting) because . . . later this month the Ferrets go away on retreat!

Some of us have mentioned the Ferret Retreats before (there’s even a video from our last one, courtesy of Lissa) but I (Serena) have not really talked about the topic myself, and I am so happy to be going! We’ll be off together, five of us, to a cabin away from work and errands and housework and family and . . . well, pretty much everything except our writing and each other.

It's not quite time yet, but my bags are ready to pack and I'm raring to be off!

It’s not quite time yet, but my bags are ready to pack!

It seems from what they’ve said that what is really great as far as the other Ferrets are concerned is the getting away and having no/fewer distractions and being able to just write for days. That sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it? For a while – a couple of years and several Ferret retreats – I tried very hard to have that same feeling myself.

Here’s the problem though: it doesn’t work for me.

That’s not to say I don’t absolutely love our retreats, of course! And it isn’t to say that they aren’t good for my writing, either; they really are. But they aren’t good for me, or enjoyable for me, in the same way what they seem to be for the other Ferrets. And that’s okay!
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Ferrets on the Road: Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

This is the first installment of a recurring series you’ll see on this blog. Any time 2 or more Ferrets head out on the road for something special, you can expect a report here detailing the excitement. I’m writing the first ‘Ferrets on the Road’ post, but any one of the girls might be the reporter next time!

A few weeks ago, all 6 of us went for a weekend to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas for a personal writing retreat. So what exactly does a writing retreat entail for the Ferrets? Continue reading